Michel Drucker, Patrick Bruel…: these stars who were victims of scams have lost a large sum of money!


Michel Drucker, Patrick Bruel…: these stars who were victims of scams have lost a large sum of money!
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While scams affect many people around the world, stars are not immune to terrible scams either. Not long ago, it’s Dany Boon who paid the price. Michel Drucker but also Patrick Bruel have experienced similar stories.

Dany Boon victim of a scam

A few days ago, the Irish daily Irish Examiner reported a sad story about Dany Boon. Like Michel Drucker, he was the subject of a terrible scam. The latter cost him dearly.

Indeed, the media revealed that he has lost 6.7 million euros between April and July 2021. Guided by a relative, Dany Boon entrusted a colossal sum of money to agent Terry Birles, a fake “Irish Lord”.

To manage the maintenance and various services of his yacht, the comedian of “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis” trusted Terry Birles. But the latter is nothing but a scammer.

Dany Boon decided to lodge a complaint with his lawyer in Ireland. He is now waiting for justice to do its job. This is also the case for Michel Drucker. The latter also paid the price for a scam.

Michel Drucker lost 10,000 euros

On June 24, the TV host was the subject of a telephone fraud which cost him the sum of 10,000 euros, as reported by Le Parisien. A few weeks ago he received a call from a bogus bank advisor.

The latter reportedly informed him that he was the victim of a “fraudulent operation for an amount of 10,000 euros”. Michel Drucker, who suspects nothing, then made a transfer of 7,500 euros. And another of 2,500 euros.

Indeed, his adviser told him that he had to make these two transfers in order to cancel the transaction of 10,000 euros to Côte d’Ivoire. After hanging up, the presenter understood the deception.

Michel Drucker has filed a complaint and is waiting for justice to settle this story. For his part, Patrick Bruel was also the subject of a scam on March 24, 2022. He also alerted his fans on Instagram.

“”Fake accounts that pretend to be me and ask you for money after having a kind of conversation. Know that I will never ask you for a penny, never for money”.

Before adding: “I do not offer you exchanges, objects, nothing”. Amel Benet, Julien Doré or even Jenifer had also alerted their fans to these increasingly common scams.

“The guy was too smart”

Like Michel Drucker, Louane was also the subject of a telephone scam. In an interview with RTL, she explained: “They call me saying that there is a mistake on my credit cardthat I have to validate something on the bank’s app”.

Louane continued: “The guy was too smart. Except he didn’t have me did not ask the secret question. And I forgot it existed. I realize that, it’s weird”.

“But the money is not coming back, it is going away”. Like Michel Drucker, Louane lost a large sum of money. She was still able to recover thanks to his insurance.

Julien Courbet also shed light on another scam on the web. On Twitter, he revealed: “I think I was taken in by I’m buying a cushion for Simon (note: his dog)”.

“They are supposed to donate money to associations. Nothing received for 3 months and obviously hundreds of people in my case”.

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