Monaco GP live: Perez wins after disjointed race


Monaco GP live: Perez wins after disjointed race
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The points scored during this GP, with the penalty confirmed for Ocon

The Frenchman gets points, which benefits Vettel.


Third career victory for Sergio Perez, a first in Monaco! The Red Bull driver is ahead of Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, who is finishing his first race in Monaco. The Monegasque, however, performs a bad operation after starting on pole.

M-1: last minute!

Everything remains to be done between the four leaders, knowing that Perez is still in front.

M-5: All points will be counted

The pilots exceeded 75% of distance covered. The winner will therefore have 25 points.

M-8: the last will be taken a turn

The leading quartet is not very far from Tsunoda, the bottom of the race.

M-10: Perez in danger

The race leader is threatened by Sainz, Verstappen and Leclerc. Its front tires are badly damaged. The four pilots stand in one second.

Mick Schumacher after his crash: “It’s weird”

“I’m fine. I’m disappointed not to have finished this race. Why the car split in two, it’s weird, I don’t know”, explained the Haas driver to the microphone of Canal +.

M-17: the straight of Sainz

Sainz went straight to the Port chicane and left the field open to Perez. There is now a three-second gap between the two drivers as Verstappen closes in.

M-21: Perez flies away

The Mexican is more than 2 seconds ahead of Sainz. If he were to win, he would approach second place in the drivers’ standings, occupied by Leclerc.

M-25: Hamilton blocked behind Alonso

Hamilton is stuck behind Alonso, who has lost pace since the race resumed. Ocon also seems to be struggling on the other Alpine.

M-27: Leclerc can’t do it

The Monegasque is still behind Verstappen and does not seem able to fight for the podium.

34 minutes left in the race

The countdown is on, the single-seaters will be on the track until 6 p.m., as required by the regulations. Perez is still in the lead, but Sainz is closing in. The Verstappen / Leclerc duel turns to the advantage of the Dutchman, still 3rd.

35/77: Penalty for Ocon

5 second penalty for the Alpine driver after his collision with Hamilton.

33/77: the safety car pulls away!

The track is dry, Sergio Perez sets the pace, just ahead of Sainz, Verstappen and Leclerc.

31/77: Here we go again for this GP

The single-seaters set off from the pits, while the rain could reappear. The Ferraris are in hard rubber, the Red Bull in medium.

A rolling start scheduled for 5:15 p.m.

Or in less than 10 minutes.

30/77: Red flag!

The drivers return to the pits, the time to repair the barriers. The GP should be played against the clock. Charles Leclerc is furious and continues to be cursed on his land.

30/77: The safety car is still deployed

As the track sweep ends where Mick Schumacher crashed.

There are 1h05 of racing left to finish this GP after the postponement of the start due to the rain.

27/77: Schumacher accident!

Schumacher’s single-seater is cut in half! The safety car is out. “I’m fine,” the Haas pilot explains over the radio. After losing control, the single-seater crashed into the barrier.

Haas no longer has a single-seater in this GP.

25/77: penalty for Albon

The Williams driver receives a 5 second penalty.

23/77: Verstappen is ahead of Leclerc

After a pit stop, Verstappen passes Leclerc!

1. Perez

2. Sainz

3. Verstappen

4. Leclerc

22/77: double stoppage for Ferrari!

Both Ferrari drivers put on hard tyres. Leclerc is mad with rage when he comes out 5th! The Monegasque had been called back to the pits before being told, too late, to stay out.

19/77: The right operation for Perez!

After Leclerc’s pit stop, the Monegasque comes out 3rd, well behind Sergio Perez, who has new tyres! Carlos Sainz is the new leader.

18/77: Contact between Hamilton and Ocon!

The Brit touches the back of Ocon’s single-seater. Without gravity.

18/77: Sainz stays on track

Despite his call to change his tyres, Carlos Sainz remains on the track.

17/77: intermediaries for Perez

Max Verstappen’s team-mate pits for intermediate tyres. We are changing strategy at Red Bull.

15/77: The Ferraris continue their festival

Leclerc and Sainz share the fastest lap, while the Monegasque remains well ahead.

14/77: it continues for Gasly!

The Alpha Tauri driver overtakes Ricciardo and is in 12th place.

12/77: good overtaking from Gasly

The Frenchman overtook Guanyu Zhou and moved up to 13th place.

8/77: the track dries up

But the conditions remain difficult, according to Verstappen. Evidenced by the straight George Russell. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc takes 3 seconds ahead of Sainz.

7/77: many drivers change their tires

They fit intermediates, while the Ferraris and Red Bulls are still in heavy rain.

6/77: the fastest lap for Gasly

In difficulty since the start of the GP, Pierre Gasly (17th), achieved the best lap of the race.

5/77: fastest lap for Verstappen

4th in the race, the world champion achieved the best lap of the race but had a few scares on the slippery track of Monaco.

4/77: Leclerc leads the race

At home, the Monegasque is in front, just ahead of his teammate Carlos Sainz. The Red Bulls are on the lookout behind.

3/77: the start will be launched

No standing start, but a rolling start! It slips !

1/77: Latifi makes a mistake

First incident in this GP, with Latifi missing the turn and going straight.


The Monaco GP is finally launched! The drivers set off from the pits, just behind the safety car!

Pilots have 10 minutes to prepare

The FIA ​​finally gives information: the pilots have 10 minutes to prepare and return to their single-seater to take the start, scheduled for 4:05 p.m.

It’s raining again on the circuit

The weather is not improving in the Principality since the track is still wet. It starts to rain heavily again. No information leaks from the FIA.

The public takes shelter under the stands

Remember that it hasn’t rained all week. The rain seems to be calming down now.


The public takes refuge under the stands during the Monaco GP.
The public takes refuge under the stands during the Monaco GP. © Clement Brossard

Red flag!

While it is raining extremely hard, the red flag is deployed. The procedure has not started and the drivers return to the pits.

Let’s go for the formation lap

After minutes of waiting, the 20 single-seaters set off for the formation lap behind the safety car.

Delayed departure

The race direction has just indicated that the start of the race is delayed, without giving a precise time. The formation lap is scheduled for 3:16 p.m., behind the safety car. All single-seaters must be fitted with extreme tyres.

The formation lap at 3:09 p.m.

Slight delay for the formation lap, which will be done at 3:09 p.m., while the weather has not yet deteriorated. It will be carried out behind the safety car.

Some teams decide to change rubbers.

78 rpm on the program

The circuit is very short and very narrow.

Showers are forecast for the start

This promises a lively Grand Prix

The sky darkens in Monaco

Rain is expected for the start of the Grand Prix.

The sky darkens in Monaco ahead of the Grand Prix.
The sky darkens in Monaco ahead of the Grand Prix. © Clement Brossard

Big enthusiasm around Charles Leclerc

Since Thursday, the Ferrari of the famous Place d’Armes in Monaco no longer bears the image of the local driver. Everything went quickly and some fans therefore leave the stand disappointed. The driver’s supporters are confident after seeing their protege take pole yesterday. Despite the Monegasque’s curse on his land, they believe that the “Little Prince” has gained experience and gained serenity.

Shop Places d'armes
Shop Places d’armes © @RMCSport

Ferraris on pole this Sunday

Charles Leclerc, the stage local will start on pole just ahead of Carlos Sainz. The two Red Bulls are on the lookout, with Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

On the French side, Esteban Ocon (Alpine) will start 10th, while Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) will be 17th.

Is Leclerc cursed at home?

The first Monegasque to win a Grand Prix in Formula 1, Charles Leclerc could become the first driver from the Principality to win the world title. To come back to Max Verstappen, current leader, the Ferrari driver will have to shine in these streets he knows so well this weekend, something he has never managed to do with a single-seater.

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