Montpellier-UBB live: Montpellier joins Castres in the final for a remake of 2018!

Montpellier-UBB live: Montpellier joins Castres in the final for a remake of 2018!
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Jalibert: “There has never been a break in the group”

Matthieu Jalibert on Canal+: “When it’s hot like that, it’s difficult to react but we never managed to find the key to put them in difficulty. Montpellier was stronger than us, they wanted more. We never We were able to put our game in place. We didn’t deserve to go to the final today.”

“The press tells a lot of stories. We went out with Woki, we were a little disappointed with the words of Christophe (Urios) but there was never a break in the group, the group was united, the players , the coach, the president… but we came across a team stronger than us.”


It’s over ! Montpellier climbs to the final of the Top 14 after its 19-10 victory against Bordeaux-Bègles! The MHR, 2nd in the regular season will therefore face the 1st, Castres and it will be a remake of the 2018 final. We witnessed a very undecided match with a lot of fighting and a history of kicks. A drop from Bouthier and two distant penalties from Aprasidze made the decision!


Aprasidze attempts the winning kick at 55 meters… AND IT PASSES, WHAT A MONSTROUS MAMMOTH KICK! Montpellier will go to the final!


Victim of his engagement, Poirot sends a huge shoulder blow in the head of Bécognée who remains on the ground. Bordeaux will have to start all over again…

This is crazy action (MY 16-10 BOR)

It all starts with a monstrous departure from Diaby who advances his own! Behind, Trinh Duc claps for Jalibert who recovers the leather. It does not benefit, but Montpellier was hot!

Concussion for Vergne (MON 16-10 BOR)

Big tackle on Vergne who hits his head against the ground! It will be a concussion protocol for the Bordeaux 3rd line!


Penalty for Montpellier after a support from Brodelais who came to throw himself! Aprasidze will take the points on the 57 meters, it will take out a big kick … The scrum half investigates, 16 to 10!

Bordeaux pressure (MON 13-10 BOR)

Bordeaux finally manages to put pressure on the Montpellier camp with a small kick from Trinh Duc… Complicated touch to follow for the MHR!

Bordeaux saves its skin (MON 13-10 BOR)

Huge turnover for Montpellier which is getting closer to the Bordeaux in-goal! Finally, it’s scratched the other way at the last moment, big Girondine defense!

Trinh Duc misses his drop (MON 13-10 BOR)

Freshly entered the game in place of Jalibert, François Trinh Duc tries a drop in the speed! It’s completely missed!

Paillaugue as conductor (MON 13-10 BOR)

New 50-22 found in this meeting and it is Paillaugue who is at work! Very interesting touch to follow for the MHR!

Cordero’s Bleed (MON 13-10 BOR)

On a high ball, Cordero grabs the ball in front of Janse Van Rensburg who puts his finger in his mouth! The Argentinian is bleeding from the mouth but takes his place.

Woki-Chalureau attachment (MON 13-10 BOR)

On a carried ball, Woki tries to pass through the center but is violently pushed back by Chalureau! The two men grapple but let go after a few seconds.

Jalibert’s 50-22! (MON 13-10 BOR)

Magnificent look from Jalibert who finds an impressive 50-22 from his camp! The ball is taken by Douglas on the sidelines and things are moving forward!

Ball snatched by Diaby (MON 13-10 BOR)

While Montpellier started by setting a lot of pace, Garbisi was boxed up and even snatched the ball by Diaby!


At half-time, Montpellier leads 13 to 10 against Bordeaux-Bègles!

The Cistes however experienced a fire start with a try at the end of the line from Rattez but Jalibert answered him, taking advantage of a loss of ball from Guirado in the center of the field. Bouthier investigated a final drop before the break to give the advantage to the MHR! Everything remains to be done in this semi-final!


Just before the break, Montpellier took the lead in this semi-final thanks to a masterful drop from Bouthier! 13 to 10!

Bordeaux is looking for itself (MON 10-10 BOR)

Last ammunition for Bordeaux with a touch for Maynadier! The throw is not assured but a Montpellier player commits a forward!


Penalty against Bordeaux after a foul on the ground. Obviously, the Montpellier residents will take the points with Paillaugue. And it failed!

Two keys lost by the MHR (MON 10-10 BOR)

We continue to look for each other in the game for both teams! Montpellier have just lost two consecutive touches…

It’s a bit rougher (MY 10-10 BOR)

After a high-flying start to the match, we are witnessing a more bumpy encounter with a few faults!


In a good position, Lucu opens for Jalibert who takes the drop! It’s right next to the Montpellier poles.

Paillaugue high tackle (MON 10-10 BOR)

Maxime Lucu tries to take an interval in the mess but is taken high by Paillaugue! On this action, Garbisi was hit in the knee.


After 20 minutes of play in this first period, we logically have the right to a cool break!


Jalibert in opportunistic mode! Taking advantage of a scramble of the ball by Guirado, Jaliebrt pushes the leather at the foot once, then a second before recovering it and flattening it! Lucu investigates, 10 to 10!


The MHR is not there to laugh and takes the maximum of points! In drop position, Paolo Garbisi takes a magnificent kick! 10 to 3!

Huge kick from Paillaugue (MON 7-3 BOR)

Big shock between Jalibert and Guirado after a little over the top of number 10! Paillaugue took the opportunity to hit a huge mammoth kick to bring the game back… 50-22!


Montpellier reacts immediately to Lucu’s penalty! Ball recovered by Serfontein in front of the 22 meters and after we play with passes on the step. Garbisi sends on the wing of Rattez who finishes the job. In the corner, Paillaugue adds two points, 7 to 3!


Already two whistled penalties against Montpellier and Mercer! At the level of 45 meters on the side, Maxime Lucu will take the goal… And it passes, 3 to 0 for Bordeaux!

Montpellier in the 22 Bordeaux (MON 0-0 BOR)

Penalty against Bordeaux after a forward taken over by a Girondin! Bouthier finds a touch in the opposing 22 meters!


It’s the start of this second Top 14 semi-final between Montpellier and Union Bordeaux-Bègles! Who will join Castres in the final?

Some players have already wielded the Brennus

In their respective squads, the two teams each have three players who have already won the Shield of Brennus.

For Bordeaux: Louis Picamoles (in 2011 and 2012 with Stade Toulousain), Rémi Lamerat (with Castres in 2013 and Clermont in 2017) and Ben Tameifuna (with Racing 92 in 2016).

For Montpellier: Florian Verhaeghe (with Stade Toulousain in 2019), Geoffrey Doumayrou (with Stade Français in 2015), Guilhem Guirado (with Perpignan in 2009).

Bordeaux advantage?

During the 2021-2022 financial year, Bordeaux and Montpellier crossed paths twice. Each time, the Girondins took over on narrow scores. In Chaban-Delmas, Christophe Urios’ men won 27-23 in early October.

On the return in April, the Héraultais had failed by a hair (22-23) at home.

Guido Petti back, from the classic to the back

Compared to the play-off, Urios made 3 changes, with Vadim Cobilas being preferred over Ben Tameifuna as the right prop. Clément Maynadier will be the titular hooker since Maxime Lamothe is forfeited for this meeting, just like Jandre Marais who suffers from a hamstring tear. Recovered from his sprained elbow, Argentinian Guido Petti is making his return to the third row. Cameron Woki is therefore established in the 2nd line for this match.

The Gironde attack line has not changed compared to the play-off with the tenure of the Lucu-Jalibert and Seuteni-Moefana pairs.

Garbisi rather than Pollard, no “Fufu” on the score sheet

The Italian international opener Paolo Garbisi will start in 10, alongside Paillaugue. The good world champion Handré Pollard takes place on the bench. Orphan of Paul Willemse, injured in a knee, Philippe Saint-André continues with his pair Chalureau-Verhaeghe in the cage.

Back from a serious injury, international Arthur Vincent will start on the right wing and Gabriel Ngandebe will be on the bench on Saturday evening. Fulgence Ouedraogo, who will end his career at the end of the month, is not on the score sheet.

The composition of the UBB!

buros; Cordero, Seuteni, Moefana, Lam; (o) Jalibert, (m) Lucu; Diaby, Vergnes-Taillefer, Petti; Douglas, Woki; Cobilas, Maynadier, Paiva.

Replacements: Dweba, Poirot, Picamoles, Roumat, Lesgourgues, Trinh-Duc, Mori, Tameifuna

The composition of Montpellier!

Bouthier; Vincent, Doumayrou, Serfontein, Rattez; (o) Garbisi, (m) Paillaugue; Camara, Mercer, Becognée; Chalureau, Verhaeghe; Haouas, Guirado, Lamositele.

Subs: Paenga-Amosa, Rodgers, Capelli, Van Rensburg, Aprasidze, Pollard, Ngandebe, Thomas

Montpellier-UBB, kick-off at 9:05 p.m.!

Good evening everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the second semi-final of the Top 14 live! At the Allianz Riviera in Nice, Montpellier faces Union Bordeaux-Bègles, two teams having squatted the first places in the regular phase. Kick off at 9:05 p.m.!

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