MotoGP: Lin Jarvis reveals that Yamaha had a more powerful engine planned for 2022 but… – Paddock GP


MotoGP: Lin Jarvis reveals that Yamaha had a more powerful engine planned for 2022 but… – Paddock GP
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Lin Jarvis continues to take stock of a 2022 MotoGP season where his reigning World Champion rider Fabio Quartararo still has a tiny chance of keeping his crown on the evening of the last deadline this weekend in Valencia. The General Manager of the official Yamaha team does not hide the fact that the brand has not done its duty to allow the Frenchman to fight on equal terms against the competition. It thus confirms what the images have revealed but indicates even more by recalling that Fabio Quartararo should have had another engine in 2022. Alas, it was not homologated. He says why, which is not in honor of the engineers of Iwata who will not have the opportunity to save their reputation in 2023, since it is a European speaker who will take over…

Lin Jarvis and the engine Yamaha, it’s a complicated relationship with collateral damage. We will indeed remember that in 2020, he had to explain himself on a penalty, which cost the constructors’ title due to point withdrawals, for using valves from two different manufacturers in its engines. In 2022, a new mechanical disappointment was cashed in with the obligation to Fabio Quartararo to do the season with the same engine as last year. And yet, we learn now, the engineers Yamaha had been working on a new powertrain. But it was never approved…

Why ? Read the response from Lin Jarvis in particular on motorsport-total: “ we developed this engine in the year 2021 » he said before recognizing : « we had a reliability issue with the engine we wanted to race in 2022. That’s why we couldn’t homologate that engine. There’s no point in using a more powerful motor if it’s unreliable “.

A failure on the part of Yamaha which then led to a delicate but successful political management on the part of Lin Jarvis : “ the problem was to warn Fabio, who had just become world champion. This year he rode with the same power as in 2021. And he didn’t like it “. However : ” Fabio could have been much harder on us than he was. We are very grateful to him “.

Lin Jarvis: we signed with the Marmorini group in order to be able to eliminate our biggest weakness of the bike which is the Yamaha engine

That being said, it won’t be duplicated. But trust in Yamaha on the development of what is all the same its engine seems to have been sufficiently tarnished to validate this unprecedented corrective action for a Japanese manufacturer, traditionally jealous of its method as well as its technological secrets: “ithere are times when you have to change something from top to bottom to become stronger “, Explain Jarvis. ” That’s why we signed with the Marmorini group in January so that we could eliminate our biggest weakness in the bike. “. Downright…

Luca Marmorini worked for Ferrari and Toyota in Formula 1 and recently helped Aprilia in MotoGP to make the new V4 engine competitive. At present, Marmorini works as a consultant for Yamaha. According to the test pilot Cal Crutchlow the new engine is in its fourth evolution and proves to be more powerful, allowing the M1 to be faster in a straight line. The Briton tested it at Jerez last weekend Friday and Saturday to prepare the new bikes for the first off-season tests in Valencia from tuesday november 8 after the 2022 season finale.

It should be noted in conclusion that with this Yamaha M1 practically identical to that of last year, Fabio Quartararo won three races and finished on the podium five times.


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