Nabilla and Thomas targeted by serious charges: a complaint filed against the couple


Nabilla and Thomas targeted by serious charges: a complaint filed against the couple
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Sunday June 5, 2022, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara became parents for the second time. The couple gave a little brother to their eldest Milann (2 and a half years), named Leyann. It is in Paris that the small family of four begins this adventure, where Nabilla has decided to give birth. Indeed, the beautiful 30-year-old brunette who lives in Dubai wanted to get closer to her family for this happy event. But everything almost turned into a nightmare.

A few days ago, she revealed that she had been the victim of a big scam. She and Thomas looked for an apartment where they could stay and they were sure they had found the right one through an agency. Until the cold shower. “The agency looked serious. The person on the other end of the line, the same. I had the photo of this person. We had a contract that was between the agency and me. (…) One of the women who works in the apartment told us that it belongs to people who do not want to rent at all“, she confided on her social networks. As a result, Nabilla found herself paying for an apartment where she had never set foot. So she hastened to file a complaint.

But according to Olivier Tomas, president and founder of the agency The Address, the facts did not quite take place as such. “I was in contact, and I still am, with their assistant with whom things were going well. We had both done a lot of work to find the apartment they wanted.“, he defended himself to TV Magazine. Problem, no property corresponded to the criteria of the couple. “So I contacted a fellow real estate agent and concierge who offered me an apartment that Nabilla’s assistant and Nabilla herself really liked. We made the reservation with the owner“. But the latter ended up retracting before signing the rental contract one month before the Vergara’s arrival in Paris.

15,000 euros to put a contract on our head

Olivier Tomas’ agency then did everything to find another apartment but came up against the lack of answers from Nabilla’s team. He was therefore very surprised to receive the call from a friend of the young woman who told him “yelled at him asking for a refund of the money paid with, in addition, double the amount in damages“. To make matters worse, Olivier Tomas says he also received “a telephone message, with supporting photos, of Nabilla’s husband with death threats against me, my collaborators and my children. He told me he paid 15,000 euros from people to put a contract on our head. Crazy things!

He thus denouncesintolerable behavior“and ensures to have”written evidence and records“with whom he filed a complaint.”For now, Nabilla has not been reimbursed for her payment and will not be until we have a written and signed agreement. I obviously have no problem giving him back this money, it’s completely normal mBut I do not agree to pay him 20,000 euros more. I also wish she would do a fix on her social media“, he concluded.

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