Nations League: the incredible sensation of Hungary by Marco Rossi


Nations League: the incredible sensation of Hungary by Marco Rossi
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Mágikus Magyarok, the magic Magyars, such was the nickname of the Hungarian golden generation of the 1950s embodied by Ferenc Puskas his top scorer (84 goals with Hungary) and his legends like Sándor Kocsis, Nándor Hidegkuti or Gyula Grosics. Unhappy finalists of the 1954 World Cup after experiencing such a misfortune in 1938, Hungary had disappeared from circulation since the 1980s and owe their return to the footballing landscape in recent seasons. In 2016, the country qualifies for the Euro in France and will even go to the round of 16. Qualified again during the last continental competition, Hungary will come out of the group stage, but with weapons in hand by hanging France (1-1) and Germany (2-2). The defeat against Portugal (3-0) having intervened at the end of the match since the score was 0-0 in the 84th minute when Raphaël Guerreiro delivered the Lusitanians. A performance synonymous with progress for Hungary, which however failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in the group of England, Poland and Albania.

Promoted to League A of the League of Nations following their first place in front of Serbia, Russia and Turkey, Hungary found themselves in a difficult group with Germany, England and Italy. However, again, the selection of Marco Rossi thwarted the forecasts. Relying on a well-established squad in a well-established 3-4-2-1 with Peter Gulacsi (RB Leipzig) in the cages behind a formidable hinge composed of Willi Orban (RB Leipzig), Adam Lang (Omonia Nicosia) and Attila Szalai (Fenerbahçe), Hungary was able to trap its various adversaries. Dominating England (1-0) from the start, the selection had more difficulties against Italy (2-1 defeat), but then reacted against Germany (1-1 and 1-0 victory) and against England in a masterful victory (4-0). So after 5 matches in the League of Nations, Hungary sits proudly in the lead two points behind the Nazionale which it receives this Monday in Budapest with the possibility of qualifying with a simple score of parity.

Marco Rossi the architect

Architect of this perfectly oiled collective, Marco Rossi (58 years old) is proving that he is a coach capable of evolving at a high level, he who remains over 10 years in Hungary (Honvéd, Dunajska Streda and the selection) . Approached by other teams, he decided to remain at the head of the selection while being transparent. “I had an incredibly good offer financially, from a national team that is ahead of us in the world rankings. A year ago, after the European Championship, I was already in a similar situation. Regarding inquiries, it is very important for me to inform the Hungarian federation about everything. I’m loyal, it’s my nature, I would never behave dishonestly towards MLSZ (the federation editor’s note), so if something happens in the future, sooner or later, it will not surprise the association.he explained last June in remarks collected by Blikk.

In the meantime, he is totally focused on the Hungarian selection and the results speak for him. Adored in Hungary by fans and observers, he fell in love with the country, as he mentioned on his Facebook account three months ago: “I would once again like to thank Hungary, the Hungarian people and the supporters, but we can never do it enough. It was an honor to read so many good things about myself. However, let me say that the biggest thanks go to the boys who run and fight with all their hearts! Thanks guys! Hungarians, go for it!” Words that accompanied the historic 4-0 victory against England, which is reminiscent of the 6-3 victory of Ferenc Puskas’ Mágikus Magyarok in London in 1953. “Scoring four goals in a competitive game in England is something that can be compared to the 6-3 victory for the Golden Team. Of course, we are not the Golden Team, but I think the fans will remember the result for a long time with the same joy.noted the transalpine coach.

A Final Four for History!

More than a well-established team, it is therefore a whole united people that Marco Rossi has been able to bring behind him through his mandate and in this League of Nations 2022/2023. Performances which also allowed Hungary to secure a place in Hat 1 for the Euro 2024 qualifiers and to be ambitious for this deadline for the Magyars. A situation made possible thanks to a new prestigious victory against Germany last Friday (1-0). Before the meeting, humility was part of the image of the words of the former international Kálmán Kovács (57 years old) relayed by Blikk : “The current state of Hungarian football does not necessarily justify this excellent performance, it would be nice if we didn’t see everything in black and white, if we knew exactly what the recipe for success is. We see that we can already achieve results with disciplined play and dedication against stronger teams, it would be nice if we could defeat even weaker opponents with confident football. This is how we can be successful in the long term.” Aware that his team is playing at a very high level and will also have to confirm against more modest teams in the coming months, Marco Rossi is for the moment riveted on this moment in history.

A meeting against Italy which should bring Hungary back to heights never before known for almost 70 years and which will be marked by the last selection of their star scorer Adam Szalai, who will retire from international football on Monday. “Tomorrow’s game will be memorable for me for several reasons. We could be in the semi-finals of the Nations League, and the already excellent atmosphere is at its peak. Also, one of our important players is playing his last game in the team. You have to run on the ground with the greatest humility. Thanks to the great work of the guys, we have ten points, but we can’t become arrogant, we can only succeed as a unit, we have to respect the shirt we wear. We are counting on the support of the fans this time., also noted Marco Rossi at a press conference. Also present, Dominik Szoboslai wants to feed on the support of the public: “the home pitch can add a lot to our performance, the turn gives the team a lot of strength. We shouldn’t see it as pressure, but as an opportunity to fight for the Final Four in front of our own fans, in such a strong group. We will try to make that happen.” On Monday, red, white and green Hungary will attempt to write a magnificent new page in their footballing history.

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