New information on the greatest Arlesian of video games! Is she definitely buried?


New information on the greatest Arlesian of video games!  Is she definitely buried?
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Game News New information on the greatest Arlesian of video games! Is she definitely buried?

Beyond Good & Evil 2, does that ring a bell? Surely ! It must be said that the title has been talked about for almost 15 years now. Despite everything, it seems that we are still not ready to see it land on our favorite machines. New information has just fallen, and it is not very engaging.

Beyond Good & Evil 2, a more than chaotic development

It was in 2008 that Beyond Good & Evil 2 made headlines for the first time with breathtaking images where we can see Jade and Pey’J lost in the middle of a desert. The artistic direction seems fabulous, as does the atmosphere, which is the opposite of the colorful one proposed by the first opus released in 2003. However, there is a small reversal of the situation: after this announcement, which is promising to say the least, the game Michel Ancel simply disappears from circulation until 2017.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is indeed taking advantage of E3 2017 to return to the front of the stage! However, it is no longer a question here of Jade, of Pey’J and even less of a desert environment… The title is much more ambitious than when it first appeared. It now reveals a long sequence in CGI where we can see a brand new playable protagonist, a certain Shani, wandering at full speed through a gigantic futuristic metropolis inspired by many oriental cities. Again, everything seems promising… but except for a gameplay phase released a year later during E3 2018, the title is once again forgotten.

I have to say that the development of this sequel eagerly awaited by many fans has experienced more than difficult development. Michel Ancel, before he took early retirement, was singled out by about fifteen employees for his so-called toxic behavior. If since then, the atmosphere in the premises of Ubisoft has improved, it would nevertheless seem that the development of the game is still lagging behind.

A development that takes (too) its time

New information on the greatest Arlesian of video games!  Is she definitely buried?

We know it from the start, Beyond Good & Evil 2 seems to have monster ambitions, starting with that of reproducing an entire galaxy with detailed environments like Ganesha City, the city that we could see in the various trailers. However, these same ambitions seem unattainable for the team of this development project which is treading water. Proof, even today, while this sequel has been in the works for almost 12 years now, we learn that the game is still in the “early development” phase. In any case, this is confirmed by certain sources close to Ubisoft who confided in Insider Gaming.

In effect, thanks to these recent confidences, we know that some playable areas of the game still have low resolution textures. Some planets are even naked according to anonymous sources. Worse, according to videos provided directly to Insider Gaming, the title would have been rebooted once again. We will therefore have to expect to see something different compared to what we saw at E3 2018, finally, if the most famous Arlesian in video games finally sees the light of day.

However, in order to reassure the fans, Ubisoft recently took the floor and declared for the umpteenth time that: “the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in the game and that the team is working hard to deliver on its ambitious promises.”

Obviously, for the moment, the game which was to have the right to a beta version in 2019 still does not have a release window. So all that’s left to do is be patient and hopeful, unless you’ve already given up.

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