Nice falls in Le Puy, Monaco wallows against Rodez


Nice falls in Le Puy, Monaco wallows against Rodez
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This is called falling into the Ponot.

Finalist of the last edition, OGC Nice took the door from the 32are final of the Coupe de France on the lawn of Le Puy (1-0). Already a scorer in the two previous rounds, the inevitable Mohamed Ben Fredj put the N1 club in front following a loss of ball from Khéphren Thuram (3e). Nicolas Pépé failed to straighten the ball sufficiently after a shot from Sofiane Diop (31e), and Jonathan Millieras saved his cage in the second period by deflecting Thuram’s shot on his post (64e) and repelling Gaëtan Laborde’s attempt (79e). The N1 club signs one of the exploits of the weekend and plunges the eleventh in Ligue 1, which has not won since November 6, into doubt …

Another big fish got caught in the net this Saturday, as AS Monaco were eliminated by Rodez, 17e of Ligue 2, on penalties (2-2, 4-5 TAB). Maghnes Akliouche (23)e) and Captain Wissam Ben Yedder (37e), author of his twelfth goal of the season, nevertheless allowed ASM to lead 2-0. For his first official appearance, Thomas Didillon had to bow to a header from Joseph Mendes just before the break (42e). Checked by Sébastien Cibois (51e54e), the Monegasques ended up paying for their inability to take shelter. Didillon’s parade against Clément Depres avoided the equalizer (71e), but the RAF continued to push and logically scored through Aymen Abdennour (80e). Didillon saved ASM ahead of Depres (88e), and the asemist goalkeeper did it again in the penalty shootout by opposing Killian Corredor… But Aleksandr Golovin shot over, and Cibois sickened Soungoutou Magassa, thus sending the RAF to the next round. Note the 2-0 victory of Plabennec (N3) against Vannes (N2), the qualification of ES Thaon (N3) against Amiens with a great Raphaël Rodríguez in the cages (0-0, 4-2 TAB), and the double of Vincent Pajot during the trip to Annecy against the small thumb Villerupt Thil (1-6).

The results of the matches at 6 p.m.

Le Puy (N1) 1-0 Nice

Goal: Ben Fredj (3e)

Monaco 2-2 (4-5 TAB) Rodez

Goals: Akliouche (23e), Ben Yedder (37e) // Mendes (42e) and Abdennour (80e)

Vire (N3) 0-2 Nantes

Goals: Mohamed (29e), Guessand (55e)

Stade Plabennecois (N3) 2-0 Vannes (N2)

Goals: Kujabi (30e) and Madec (79e)

Villerupt Thil (R1) 1-6 Annecy

Goals: Mannarino (19e SP) // Pajot (7e29e), Temanfo (16e), Mendy (23e), Rocchi (64e) and Baldé (75e)
Sent off: Milla (31e) for Villerupt Thil

Granville (N2) 0-3 Niort

Goals: Olaitan (57e69e) and Merdji (77e)
Sent off: Buon (59e) for Granville

Thaon (N3) 0-0 (4-2 TAB) Amiens

Kicked out: Rother (50e) for Thaon


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