Nightmare in the kitchen: tweeters shocked by the attitude of Philippe Etchebest


Nightmare in the kitchen: tweeters shocked by the attitude of Philippe Etchebest
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Live M6 screen capture / Nightmare in the kitchen

Too hard chef Etchebest? This is what some twittos expressed this Monday, July 18, when Cauchemar en cuisine was broadcast on M6. The attitude of the chef towards a couple of restaurateurs already at the bottom of the hole was seen with a bad eye. Some even went so far as to speak of “harassment”.

After a failure of hearings, M6 had to deprogram “Married at first sight” special Belgium. This Monday, July 18, 2022, viewers were able to find instead an episode of Nightmare in the kitchen, with Philippe Etchebest. Although it was a replay, it was widely commented on twitter. And for good reason, since the restaurant where the plot took place had something to make an impression: located in Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx, a village of 520 inhabitants in Isère, “L’auberge des 4 chemins” was in full rout. With only two or three customers a week, she had the lowest turnover in the show’s history.

Béatrice, the chef herself said she was “at the end of her rope”. And his companion Patrice, a former truck driver who became manager of the establishment, did not seem at all in his element. Although initially charmed by the environment of the place, in the heart of a tourist village at the foot of the mountains, Philippe Etchebest quickly became disillusioned. If he found Patrice’s welcome rather warm, he quickly criticized the coldness of the room. “It’s very ugly, there is no soul, it’s has-been” he notably declared with the frankness that we know him.

Video. Discover the portrait of Philippe Etchebest

Upon discovering the portrait of Beatrice’s deceased sister, the chef was no more indulgent, quite the contrary: “It’s a bit of a downer on the atmosphere anyway!”, He said, still very cash. In the kitchen, between a crustless crusted fillet and a crispy goat cheese served cold, the atmosphere was not more festive. It is therefore with a rather negative a priori that Philippe Etchebest went to the kitchen. And this was quickly confirmed.

The layer of fat on the extractor hood and the unplugged freezer breaking the cold chain of food prompted him to raise his voice, faced with a frozen Béatrice. “Patrice is completely off the mark and Béatrice has no emotion,” he concluded a little later, after a big service organized to test their abilities. During this ordeal, which ended in abandonment, the manager showed little inclination to help his companion in the kitchen, and the latter showed a great lack of organization… Despite efforts made throughout the evening, the exhausted cook failed to convince Philippe Etchebest of her motivation.

“It’s a carnage”, struck the chef to the two restaurateurs already at the end of their tether. “She didn’t show me anything,” he added of Beatrice, questioning the fifteen-year experience she said she had in the business. On twitter, several Internet users have found that Philippe Etchebest was particularly harsh this evening, even unfair. His way of putting pressure on the couple has even been perceived by some as a form of harassment. Behavior which had all the more difficulty in passing as the program subsequently indicated that Béatrice had experienced two major dramas from which she had not completely recovered: the death of her sister, to whom she was close, as well as that of her two daughters one day after their birth.

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