“Niko Bellic is in my heart”: This French cinema star is actually a huge geek


“Niko Bellic is in my heart”: This French cinema star is actually a huge geek
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news culture “Niko Bellic is in my heart”: This French cinema star is actually a huge geek

French actor François Civil demonstrated all his passion for video games in a video published by Konbini.

François Civil, who interpreted one of the characters of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveals some of the games that marked himand why those precisely, in a recently published Konbini video.

Konbini brings François Civil to the video game store

Regularly, Konbini publishes videos of its format Video Games Club. The principle, invite a personality and make him visit a video game store, so that she tells us about her experience as a gamer. So very often it is Internet personalities related to the world of video games like YouTubers and streamers, a few days ago Konbini changed its formula a bit. Indeed, it is the French actor François Civil who tells us about his passion for video games, and the least we can say is that he played a lot!

Elden Ring, enough to spend long evenings with friends at François Civil

In the video the actor first tells evenings with friends, spent trying to beat every boss in Elden Ringwith a rule: “if you die, you pass the controller“. He says to be right now stuck on a boss, Placidusaxon which he believes he has tent “between 100 and 150 runs” with his friends. Another way to share the Elden Ring experience in multiplayerfor a gamer who clearly announces it in the video: he regret the days when split-screen multiplayer was legion in video games.

He did a voice in the latest Call of Duty

Indeed, after having spent a lot of time online on Counter-Strike a few years ago, he said he had Played a lot of games from the Call of Duty franchise, online but also in split screen. Besides, the actor recently starred in a video game: he recorded the voice of character Philip Graves from the Modern Warfare 2 single player campaign. Moreover, he discusses with Konbini his films and which could be adapted into a video game. A name immediately comes to mind, the submarine warfare film The Song of the Wolfin which he plays the main role of Chief Petty Officer Chanteraide, the Golden Ear of a French ballistic missile nuclear submarine.

GTA, the cinematic franchise par excellence

But like lots of actors and actresses, there is a saga that marked him above all else. A franchise known to be one of the most cinematic in video games: Grand Theft Auto.

In fact GTA, I associate it with… the first feeling of freedom I had in a game, it was so huge. I was on GTA III myself at the time. And then GTA IV, Niko Bellic, in our hearts. It really is such a crazy thing in terms of what you can do about it. There were people who weren’t playing the stories anymore, it was just “I go to the strip club, I get drunk and I try to beat people up”. Finally, it really is an outlet!

In the genre of very cinematic games, the actor also tells having loved the saga of The Last of Us.

Last of Us 1… and 2, eh we can make a small basket… Absolute masterpieces! I don’t know who might not like it, except if you don’t like “hallway games”. Bah, in fact I find it great a game that pushes you into your moral entrenchments, that makes you ask yourself questions, that shakes you up, what! This game shook me, on the 1st, I shed my tears. On the 2nd, as you say, I didn’t want the character change. I’m spoiling a bit, but we don’t want to! And in fact, you learn to love it over hours of play, Abby.

He greets in passing the exceptional work by Gustavo Santaolallacomposer of The Last of Us soundtrack. A name well known from the cinemasince he notably composed the music of many films by Alejandro González Iñárritu. For his films, Santaolalla has received twice the Oscar for best film musicin 2006 for The Secret of Brokeback Mountain and in 2007 for Babel.

Frankly, you hear two notes of The Last of Us music, and you have an emotion.

Source : Konbini

From Need for Speed ​​to Tomb Raider, via Tekken and Red Dead Redemption, we let you discover all the video game references that marked François Civil in the video. You will also find out what he thinks of Nintendo 64 and GameCube controllers…

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