OL: Aulas sends an astonishing letter to Benzema


OL: Aulas sends an astonishing letter to Benzema
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Karim Benzema became Ballon d’Or last Monday, arousing admiration in France and in particular at OL. The president, Jean-Michel Aulas, has never ceased to pay tribute to his former foal, going so far as to publish an open letter in Spain.

Karim Benzema became the fifth French player to lift the prestigious Ballon d’Or last Monday. A rare coronation for French football, which had not known this since 1998. It is even more special for OL. Training center renowned in France and Europe, Lyon can finally boast of having released a winner of the Golden Ball. A symbolic mark that makes the president, Jean-Michel Aulas, proud since the ceremony. At a time when his team is going through a results crisis, it’s a significant breath of fresh air for him.

A new tribute supported by Aulas for Benzema

The Lyon president never ceased to underline his admiration for Karim Benzema on Twitter or in the French media. Now he goes even further since he wrote an open letter to the merengue striker. This was published in the Madrid newspaper Marca this Sunday and it is not stingy with compliments.

Dear Karim,

We are all very proud of you, of your journey from the OL academy to Real Madrid and the France team. This magnificent Ballon d’Or is a new stage in your life, the consecration of all your work, of all your sacrifices, and also the start of something where nothing will be the same. You are a football legend, you are a role model for other generations. Strong throughout your history, a deep bond of friendship between Algeria and France, exemplary and rich in lessons.

We have always believed in you, we have always accompanied you with our thoughts, because we knew that this day would come, that you would be the Ballon d’Or. Now I like to think that one day you will have to write a letter to a Ballon d’Or, a young man whom you will have followed, inspired, or who knows, trained in an academy like Olympique Lyonnais. He may already be here, he may have seen you receive this award before, and he knows deep down that he wants to be like you. This Ballon d’Or is that of the people, but it is also that of all those who are given the means to achieve their dream and who sometimes just need inspiration to gain confidence and achieve them. “, he writes.

A nice mark of respect from President Aulas and a little snub from OL to other French clubs. However, not sure that’s enough to convince his former striker to return to finish his career at home.

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