OL take on Paris and grab their 15th title!

OL take on Paris and grab their 15th title!
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Lyon only needed a draw to (re) become champion of France on the penultimate day of the season, but they wanted to beat Paris Saint-Germain: after defeating their runner-up on the tightest of margins thanks to an early goal scored in the third minute by Catarina Macario, OL are crowned for the fifteenth time in their history. A trophy that he had exceptionally left at PSG last season.

Paris Saint-Germain 0-1 Lyon

Goal: Macario (3e)

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020… and 2022. Yes, the year 2021 is missing. This is why Olympique Lyonnais is delighted to have regained his title of champion of France, this Sunday evening, which Paris Saint-Germain had stolen from him last season. A PSG who, precisely, did not succeed in preventing the fifteenth coronation of the Rhodaniennes since he lost on the shortest of margins during the penultimate day of the exercise, when he needed of a win to prevent his opponent from reclaiming the trophy so soon. Nothing to do: OL, who now have an eight-point lead over their runners-up one game from the end, are decidedly too strong, and their double D1-C1 clearly proves it.

A few seconds to extinguish all suspense

Three minutes. That’s the time it takes Lyon to open the scoring, half as much as in the Champions League final against Barcelona. This shows how OL enjoys the start of a match, even more so when it comes to major events. This time it’s Macario who strikes first thanks to a superb deep serve from Bacha. The rest is less obvious for the visitors, but they remain solid: if PSG push to equalize, Endler intervenes for example in front of Katoto, while De Almeida misses the target. The debates are therefore rebalanced, unlike the score which remains in favor of the leader of the championship almost already crowned at half-time. Without OllĂ©-Nicolle on the bench, the coach being replaced by Mendy for non-sporting reasons, the Parisiennes must therefore react.

Here we go again !

When they returned from the locker room, OL resumed their attacking fight despite Bacha’s injury and Buchanan’s attempt was blocked by Dudek at the last moment while Hegerberg tested Voll’s gloves. Except that opposite, there is a response… but no success, Karchaoui’s lob failing on the crossbar on the hour mark. The rest is a serene mastery of events on the part of the Lyonnaises and a lot of duels away from the cages which obviously do not benefit the Parisiennes. Which are forced to face the facts, even if it is difficult to accept it and despite the enormous opportunities wasted by Malard (post hit, then completely messed up recovery): this year, the defending champions must ( re)give the cup to their enemies. Enemies whose track record continues to grow, and at a completely crazy speed. Paris Saint Germain (5-3-2): Voll-Lawrence (Baltimore, 58e), De Almeida, Dudek, Ilestedt, Karchaoui – Fazer (Bachmann, 74e), Geyoro, Diallo – Diani, Katoto (Huitema, 77e). Coach : Olle-Nicolle.

Lyon (4-3-3): Endler – Mbock, Fox, Buchanan, Bacha (Morroni, 56e) – Henry, Macario (Egurrola, 85e), Horan – Cascarino (Le Sommer, 52e), Hegerberg, Malard (Cayman, 85e). Coach : Bompastor.

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