OM live: “I want attacking and intense football”, Tudor shows his ambitions


OM live: “I want attacking and intense football”, Tudor shows his ambitions
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It’s over for this press conference

Now that the new coach has been made official, OM can focus on preparing for the next season, which will start on August 7 in Ligue 1 against Reims.

Longoria on the relationship with Tudor over the transfer window

Longoria: “The coach-manager relationship is a very open conversation about the transfer window. A good manager must have a good ability to adapt. With a strong game identity like that of Igor, a manager must adapt. “

What position does Longoria want to recruit?

Longoria: “We want to improve the level of the squad. We need to change between five and eight players in the squad to renew it and be competitive. We need players who have ambition. But all the teams in everyone have the same strategy.”

A change of strategy for the transfer window?

Longoria: “The strategy will be reviewed. The club’s obligation is to give the coach a suitable squad. We know the values ​​we want to put in the squad. The planning changes compared to the one we had with Sampaoli . We have already started working.”

What future for Milik and Alvaro?

Longoria: “He’s at the end of his contract in June 2025. As with any managerial change, the players have to earn their trust. There are a lot of things that change. For Alvaro, the situation is the same. We will continue on the same logic.”

Longoria on Mandanda, announced on departure

Longoria: “In the last few days, we talked a lot with him about his position in the club. We talked, we said that the goalkeeper model will be the same as last year, with competition. We had some sincere conversations.”

Longoria asked about his ambitions

Pablo Longoria: “With the changes of coaches, the ambitions are modified. Tudor has modified the ambitions, he transmitted energy to us. At OM, the level of requirement means that we must have ambition The energy he gave us made us want to succeed.”

What does he think of Ligue 1?

Tudor: “It’s a very beautiful and special championship. There have been a lot of coaching changes, I can’t wait for it to start.”

Tudor confirms that Camoranesi will be his deputy

Tudor: “My right arm will be Mauro Camoranesi. Other staff members will be announced soon.”

What place for Payet in his game system?

Tudor: “It’s a good thing to have Payet, we all know him, I’m glad he’s here. How are we going to play? You’ll find out soon. But I don’t think it’s the system that allows to win or lose.”

What workforce management?

Tudor: “We’re going to play a lot of games, I have no problem putting a 20-year-old player on if he’s the best. The pitch will decide. There will be a base of 15-16 players who will have more minutes than the others, but the others can also be decisive in important matches.”

What ambition in the Champions League?

Tudor: “The main objective is to do well, to have a clear identity. The objective is always to win, to succeed in winning games. The fans, given the history of the club, have a lot of expectations. It goes through daily work to obtain results that complement our objectives.”

Tudor revived on its game project

Tudor: “There will be a part of Italy in me. But I don’t believe in Italian, English, Spanish football… I want to adapt to the championship, choose players suitable for Ligue 1.”

What reinforcement did Tudor aim for?

Tudor: “It doesn’t concern me, it’s the role of the managers. There will be players who leave and who come, but that is the case for all clubs.”

What game project for OM?

Tudor: “It’s going to be a long time if we start talking about how we’re going to play, we can be there until tomorrow. I want attacking and intense football, but not at the expense of defence. My main objective when the people will come to the stadium is that they will not be disappointed.”

What did Tudor know about OM?

Tudor: “Everyone knows the greatness of the club, a world famous club. I know all the players in the squad, I watched the games last season. They are a very good team, which finished second last season.”

Tudor reveals his discussion with McCourt

Igor Tudor: “(In Italian) I apologize for not speaking French. It’s a big challenge for me. With McCourt, we saw each other two days ago, he made a good impression on me, he has a love and a passion for this club. It really motivated me.”

Longoria: “Tudor, a person of great worth”

Longoria: “It’s a pleasure to be here with our new coach, a great person of great value. We all know his career as a player, we have very good memories of it. He started his coaching career with a lot of ambition, a very clear game identity. It was important for us.”

“Why Igor Tudor? Everyone agrees that Hellas Verona was a very good team last year, with heart, game intentions. He’s a modern coach, with a lot of ideas We talked about the structure of the club, he has a very Italian vision. I really liked that. He has a great personality, who shares the values ​​that we want to put in place in our project: from the heart, from the ambition. To make football attractive, vertical, made for our supporters. It was our first choice, a very thoughtful choice.”

Let’s go for the press conference

Igor Tudor and Pablo Longoria arrived in front of the journalists.

“My system of play is victory”, when Tudor presented his style at Hellas Verona

New coach of Olympique de Marseille, Igor Tudor remains relatively unknown in France, especially the style of play he applies to his teams. But when he arrived on the bench for Hellas Verona in Serie A in 2021, the Croatian technician did not hide his ambition: to win.

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The two players targeted by Tudor

Igor Tudor would have targeted Dries Mertens and Matias Vecino, reports the ANSA, Italian press agency. The Croatian technician, just made official on the OM bench, met the two players during his time in Serie A.

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Igor Tudor told by Adrien Tameze

Guest of After Foot this Sunday on RMC, Hellas Verona midfielder Adrien Tameze talks about the case of Igor Tudor, future OM coach and his former coach. The former Niçois describes a man “who works a lot” and who leads in particular very intense physical training.

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A two-year contract for Igor Tudor

Following the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, Olympique de Marseille was quick to appoint a replacement for the Argentine coach. This Monday, the club qualified for the next Champions League formalized the arrival of Igor Tudor. The Croatian technician has signed a two-year contract.

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