Omar Sy, Stromae, David Guetta… The coronation of DJ Snake at the Parc des Princes


Omar Sy, Stromae, David Guetta… The coronation of DJ Snake at the Parc des Princes
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Twelve years that the Parc des Princes had not hosted a concert. The last time was June 22, 2010. That evening, the American rock band Green Day set the famous Paris stadium on fire. Since then, nothing, except sports. Until this Saturday, June 10, 2022. For the great return of music within it, the enclosure rolled out the red carpet to DJ Snake. A consecration for the electro artist who grew up in Ermont (Val-d’Oise). This Saturday, they were 63,000 to rush around an imposing central stage, made up of giant screens.

At 9:20 p.m., like Johnny Hallyday in 1993, in the same Parc des Princes, DJ Snake arrives crossing the raging crowd. All before rising in the center of the stadium, on a pedestal of more than ten meters, from which he will electrify his public for 2h30. A totally acquired crowd, come to hear the hits of the last ten years such as “Lean On”, “Loco Contigo” or “Taki Taki”. But also electro compositions, less accessible although just as effective. All embellished with pyrotechnic effects galore: flames, fireworks around the stadium. And at 10:10 p.m., after 50 minutes of fervor, more music. The emotion is there. ” We did it ! We did it ! We did it! enthuses Snake, real name William Grigahcine. I was told that would not be possible. I was told to do two three Bercy, that we were coming out of a pandemic… I don’t give a fuck, we did it! »

Khaled sings two tracks

If we thought the show was already well underway, the guests who succeeded each other managed to ignite the Parc des Princes even more. Starting with comedian Omar Sy. Called to the rescue in the Parisian enclosure, this Olympique de Marseille fan was first gently booed before celebrating his friend with cries of “Ici c’est Snake City”, a direct reference to the slogan “Ici c’ is Paris”. All before pitting the two sides of the Park against each other in an atmospheric battle, having to bend down as much as possible before jumping as high as possible. A classic for fans, with formidable efficiency. But no time to breathe that DJ Snake puts the cover back, with his “king”. Introduced by a hymn to tolerance. “My next guest is just love. And it is France that we represent. It doesn’t matter the color, it doesn’t matter the religion, it doesn’t matter where you come from. And that’s our France to us. The France that I love and that I represent in the world. Tonight is surely the most beautiful evening of my life and we live it together, ”he said before welcoming Khaled for two titles. Including of course “Aïcha”, sung in chorus by the 63,000 spectators of the evening. Later, another big blow with the arrival of another great French DJ known throughout the world in the person of David Guetta. “We have often been opposed but we do not make the same style of music. But without David, there is no Snake,” says the star of the evening. For about fifteen minutes, the host even leaves the controls to his eldest, completely disappearing from the scene. Without ever dropping the mood.

After two hours of show, the 36-year-old DJ still has it under his feet. His audience too. Proof of this is with the surprise arrival of Stromae. Even if a technical problem prevented the public from hearing the beginning of “Alors on danse”, the song once again hit the mark. And even “Hell”, about depression and suicide, resonated in the stadium.

“Tonight I am at home and I do a little what I want. I have free time, “said the host during the evening. The promise is kept. Thanks to a precise and perfectly planned show for the Parc des Princes, DJ Snake managed to electrify the crowd, without leaving anyone behind. A coronation in good and due form, sublimated at nightfall thanks to important plays of light. This Saturday, at the Parc des Princes, DJ Snake was more than a prince: a king.

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