Pascal Obispo in serious danger? This terrible photo causes the concern of the fans!


Pascal Obispo in serious danger?  This terrible photo causes the concern of the fans!
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Currently, the Gironde is still at the heart of the fires. The situation is apparently serious and encourages several personalities to take initiatives. For Pascal Obispo, he decided to go see the drama as closely as possible. What he also showed with a particularly disturbing photo in his publication.

Pascal Obispo: The singer decides to go and see the fire as closely as possible

The fires still continue to wreak havoc in Gironde. This situation forces several personalities to take responsibility. Some have made alerts on social networks. And others even made trips to support the victims.

Among them, Emmanuel Macron of course, and some celebrities like comedian Franck Dubosc or Pascal Obispo. Apparently, the latter went to see the disaster with his own eyes.

Lately, Pascal Obispo shared a photo which turns out to be worrying on Instagram. Indeed, on the picture, the singer appears shirtless in the middle of the furnace of fires. But it’s not over yet.

We can also see above him a very thick cloud of smoke. The latter appears to be unbreathable. A situation that forces Internet users to ask themselves questions: is the singer in danger?

The photo is taken in a scary setting

Apparently, Pascal Obispo was at the Cap-Ferret when he took the picture. Undoubtedly, he was not far from the fires. In description on his publication, the singer made a surprising announcement for his community.

“Small photo of yesterday at Cap Ferret, a vision of Interstellar, under the thick layer of smoke from the fire” he wrote to start. Then, he expressed how he felt seeing the drama. And wondering: “How to express what we feel today as a child of the Arcachon basin? “.

Looking at the photo, it looked like Pascal Obispo was in a apocalyptic decor. With emotion, the singer still continues in his description. “Between sadness in the face of this ecological disaster, and anger in the face of what we should have done upstream… in order to prevent and reduce this horrible catastrophe” he continues. And this, before concluding with: “Protect yourself, protect your elders and protect your children”.

Pascal Obispo: Is the singer really in danger?

Despite the apocalyptic setting of the photo, Pascal Obispo is apparently not in danger. Indeed, the singer who has just separated from his wife happens to be born in Bergerac in the Dordogne. Afterwards, he lived on the west coast for much of his life. And this, just a few kilometers from his hometown.

Knowing its origin, we can easily understand the pain and anger of Pascal Obispo seeing the drama. Moreover, this is what he wanted to show in his publication. During this ordeal, courage to all and particularly to the victims drama and especially to the firefighters who are fighting body and soul.

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