Pizzas Buitoni: new complaint filed against a second range of products after suspicions of contamination with “E. coli” bacteria


Pizzas Buitoni: new complaint filed against a second range of products after suspicions of contamination with “E. coli” bacteria
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After the link established between Fraîch’up pizzas of the Buitoni brand (Nestlé) and certain cases of contamination with bacteria Escherichia coli (E.coli) in French children, a new complaint has been filed in Perpignan against Buitoni by a woman who fell ill after consuming a pizza from a range different from that which is already under investigation, announced Thursday, May 5 the plaintiff’s lawyer, Pierre Debuisson.

“This is a mother who consumed a pizza from the Bella Napoli range on March 27 and was hospitalized on the 29th for six days”reported M.and Debuisson. “The results of analyzes revealed the presence of the bacterium Escherichia coli »he specified, as for the previous contaminations linked to the Fraîch’Up range, and of another bacterium, shigella.

The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) does not, however, come to the same conclusion. “We became aware of this report at the beginning of April, the local services of the DGCCRF, in conjunction with the regional health agency (ARS) Occitanie, carried out investigations, the result of which made it possible to conclude that there was no link between the STEC bacterial strains, as identified in Fraîch’Up pizzas, and the contamination that was the subject of this report”explained a spokesperson for the DGCCRF to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

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Hospitalized two days after consumption

Contacted by AFP, the Buitoni company claimed to take this complaint “very seriously”pointing out that the Bella Napoli range “is fully compliant with quality and food safety criteria”. “Her husband contacted Buitoni to request the removal of the pizza without getting an answer, and he contacted the food safety and quality service, which simply said that he had transmitted the information to the ARS [agence régionale de santé] »had previously explained Mr.and Debuisson, already involved in the defense of several families affected by E.coli.

Another lawyer for the families of victims, Mr.and Richard Legrand, believes that “other ranges are concerned”, even targeting a third variety of pizzas produced by Buitoni, the “Stone oven”, claiming that it could be the source of contamination. This last range of pizzas is produced in Caudry, like the Fraîch’Up, and only on this site, explained, for her part, Maryse Treton, of the CGT agrifood federation.

The 34-year-old mother, who lives in Perpignan and is “still very tired a month later”, filed a complaint on Wednesday for “unintentional injuries”, said his lawyer. Two days after eating the pizza, the mother of the family experienced several symptoms (pain in the lower abdomen, vomiting and fever) before being hospitalized and placed on morphine. “I have never known pain like this”she told the BFM-TV channel, which revealed what looks like a new food scandal on Thursday.

Open investigation

This complaint comes a few weeks after the opening of an investigation on March 22 by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “deception on goods, exhibition or sale of corrupt or falsified and harmful food products for health, placing on the market of a product harmful to health, endangering others, involuntary injuries and involuntary homicides”.

The Fraîch’Up range from Buitoni, a brand of the Nestlé group, is targeted, while fifty cases of contamination with the bacterium E.coli had been confirmed, some of which were linked to the consumption of Buitoni pizzas.

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Health authorities point out the need to consult a doctor in the event of the onset, within ten days after eating the pizza, of diarrhea, abdominal pain or vomiting. The consultation is also necessary if, within a fortnight, signs of great fatigue, pallor or a decrease in the volume of urine, which become darker, appear. “In the absence of symptoms within fifteen days of consumption, it is also reminded that there is no need to worry”specifies the general direction of health.

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