PlayStation 6: already a release date for the successor to the PS5? First clues on the PS6!


PlayStation 6: already a release date for the successor to the PS5?  First clues on the PS6!
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News hardware PlayStation 6: already a release date for the successor to the PS5? First clues on the PS6!

The info spread like wildfire across the web, Sony and AMD are already working together on the development of the next SoC for future next gen machines. A job offer from AMD comes in any case to support this very serious hypothesis.

AMD posts a job offer on Linkedin that is causing trouble

The news can make you smile as it is still difficult today to get a PS5 or even an Xbox Series X more than a year and a half after their releases, and yet, what is almost certain is that both manufacturers are already working on the next generation of consoles.

Not “mid-gen” like PS5 Pro or Xbox Series 1.5, but of course their real replacements, the PlayStation 6 (PS6 for friends) and Xbox Series 2.

The info fell a few days ago in a somewhat innocuous way via
a job offer published by AMD
on LinkedIn and which describes the job as follows:

The team behind the design of the XBOX, PlayStation chips and the latest RDNA family graphics chip, is recruiting for its Markham site in Canada for the next generation chip development project!

A possible release date for 2027?

While the current generation is still struggling to win against the previous generation and we remain entangled in cross-gen games that do not fully pay homage to new-gen models, it is however not surprising to see Sony and Microsoft are already thinking ahead.

We know that on average, a console generation lasts about 7 years, and that the development of the PS5 had officially started in 2015, ie 5 years before its release and 2 after the release of the PS4. We are therefore, within a few months, exactly in the same timing and a release date for the next consoles for 2027 seems to be a completely credible objective.

Moreover, if everyone is excited about the future PS6, it’s a safe bet that the post (or another similar one) concerns both the future Sony machine, but also that of Microsoft, since it don’t forget that AMD is doing the grand slam by supplying the SoCs of the three console manufacturers by adding Nintendo, even if it plays it solo in another category.

Be that as it may, we know that before we see a PlayStation 6 or an Xbox Series X 2 land in our living rooms, we will be entitled to “mid-gen” versions of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and that the The final technical specifications of future consoles will be the subject of many negotiations, compromises, choices and will only be finalized a few months before the release of the next machines. So we have five good years of speculation to look forward to.

In the meantime, you can find the concept clip of the members of the Sony PlayStations YouTube channel who imagine a very thin and very elegant console:

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