PlayStation may delete content from your PS5


PlayStation may delete content from your PS5
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On the Daily program: the choice of the ZEvent 2022 association is controversial, PlayStation will withdraw access to certain films that you have nevertheless purchased, and Blizzard defends Diablo Immortal. The Daily is on.

PlayStation will remove purchased movies from your library!

We learned, in an article posted by PlayStation on its German and Austrian site, that as of August 31, all films and series produced by Studio Canal will purely and simply disappear from consoles for players in Germany and Austria, due to evolving license agreements with content providers. We’re talking about 300 pieces of content here that will leave the PlayStation, despite the fact that you bought it. In March 2021 PlayStation began its withdrawal from the VOD business by announcing that from August 31, 2021, the service will no longer offer the purchase and rental of films and series via the Store. We were assured that users would keep the content purchased, but obviously that will not be the case… This announcement once again raises the following question: do we really own what we buy in digital format? To meditate…

The Z Event 2022 has chosen its association, but the decision is controversial

The ZEvent is the charity event organized each year by Zerator and Dach with the aim of collecting donations for an organization. The Tweeter community went wild when the list of participants was revealed. Some are over to notice the absence of their favorite streamer, like Squeezie or Inoxtag. But the twittos put a coin in the machine the next day, this time attacking the association that was chosen to receive this year’s donations: the Good Planet foundation. She works for ecology and the climate by trying to raise awareness while arousing the desire to act concretely for our planet and its inhabitants. On paper, it’s good, but some Internet users have criticized this choice by accusing Good Planet of greenwashing because of its financing by BNP Paribas, EDF or TotalEnergies. As a reminder, greenwashing is a marketing technique consisting of hiding behind the argument of ecology to give yourself a good image which would in truth be far from reality. The foundation immediately responded to the accusations, indicating that they wanted to work with as many actors as possible from all walks of life and not to remain “between convinced” on the question of ecology in order to succeed in convincing the large groups. The 2022 edition will take place from September 8 to 11 in Montpellier and the charity marathon will take place over fifty hours.

Blizzard defends Diablo Immortal

On June 2, came out Diablo Immortal, the latest hack and slash experience from Blizzard, designed for mobile and which has finally also landed on PC. However, the business model has pissed off a lot of gamers. The game is free, but you have the option to put your hand in the wallet to unlock gems to spend in dungeons and other ever more powerful rewards. And the mechanics are not trivial since according to certain tests, it would take no less than $100,000 to improve your character with the best pieces of equipment. But according to Mike Ybarra, Blizzard’s big boss, it’s no use complaining! The proof, the vast majority of players do not spend money in Diablo Immortal, with more than 110,000 positive reviews on the App Store. Despite all the controversy, Diablo Immortal has already earned more than $49 million since its release, according to MobileGamer, which indicates that Blizzard’s latest game would collect more than $1 million a day.

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