Polti Vaporetto SV650_style test: the Ferrari of steam cleaners


Polti Vaporetto SV650_style test: the Ferrari of steam cleaners
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Convenience of use

Atypical lines, an imposing washing head and a metallic red handle: the Polti SV650_style inevitably draws attention. Its cork handle, although useless, completes its well-defined style.

Like many of its competitors, notably the Vileda Steam Plus, the Polti can adjust its steam output to three intensity levels. The weakest is suitable for the most fragile surfaces, such as laminate floors, delicate fabrics, sofas or plants. For our favorite plants, be careful not to give them a thoughtless heat stroke. We have not had the opportunity to try, but the manufacturer advises to keep a minimum distance of 50 cm to cool the plant. The intermediate level would be suitable for glass, tiles and rugs and carpets; note that an accessory is delivered with the broom specifically for these last two surfaces. As for the most powerful flow, it is reserved for the elimination of stains and encrusted traces.

To select one of these three intensities, the user must press the single central button on the control panel. When the Polti is switched on, the LEDs light up alternately during heating.

Handy to the extreme, the steam mop moves very easily, despite an imposing washing head; Converselythat of the Kärcher SC 3 Upright Easyfix was very fine, but not the most obedient.
On top of it, a hatch allows you to add an air freshener. The product then diffuses during washing, mixing with the steam released. We recommend that you use the product sold by Polti, the Frescovapor, to avoid any possible damage.

On the other hand, no detergent can be added to the 500 ml tank. The action of the steam should however be sufficient to strip any surface. Especially since an army of accessories accompanies the broom to best adapt to the task: to clean windows, tile joints, pipes, barbecue grill, etc. The SV650_style then turns into a hand-held steam cleaner; which reminds us of the Black+Decker SteaMitt. Its tank unclips from the handle to accommodate a new tip and to carry it around the house. For more convenience, a hose also takes place at the end of the tank.

The different accessories of the SV650_style.

The different accessories of the SV650_style.

This format also offers the possibility of activating the Extra Steam feature; option reserved for the Vaporetto Style range. By pressing the trigger concealed under the handle for a few seconds, the user can then increase the steam flow for 5 seconds; the function can be activated again one minute later. We tested it quite unofficially on the carpet of our editorial office. Spots, always present, thought they were invulnerable. Nay! We got through a few of them after activating this Extra Steam feature.

Editor's Rating: 5 out of 5


The Polti SV650_style was simply impressive during the washing tests. To evaluate it, we dried club soda, oil, lipstick, and carbon black on our lab floor. After a night of waiting, we fired up the SV650_style; which took 25 seconds to be operational.

Oil and soda, the easiest substances to clean, have been removed after just one pass. The mixture of water and carbon black required ten round trips; which is a very good score. As for the lipstick, what a surprise! Only ten round trips were also enough to erase the traces; its most credible competitors, the Polti SV450_double and the Vileda Steam Plus, had to pass 14 times to achieve the same result.

Finally, the mop’s 500 ml tank offers comfortable autonomy during washing sessions. At maximum intensity, it is possible to clean for 17 min 22 s; when it is possible to wash for 30 min 26 s once the steam flow is set to minimum intensity.

Strong points

  • Several wipes provided.

  • Converts into a handheld cleaner.

  • Excellent washing performance.

  • Accessories allowing complete cleaning.

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