Porsche makes all its cars available in a dream subscription


Porsche makes all its cars available in a dream subscription
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A supercar on Mondays, an SUV on Tuesdays, a sedan on Wednesdays… with Porsche, change your car whenever you want thanks to its new subscription launched on June 1 in Berlin. In a car-sharing integration strategythe German manufacturer has surprised everyone with a very attractive offer that does not detract from the prestigious aspect of the brand.

For the sum from 2,899 euros per month, customers in the first two German cities concerned (the subscription has already been launched in Hamburg) will be able to switch from one model to another whenever they want, with a top-level concierge service. For each change of car, the customer will have his new car delivered to the address of his choice.

At most, it is possible to keep a model for a period of 28 days. The number of item changes during the month is unlimited. It will therefore be possible to change every day. Included in the subscription, an amount total of 1,750 kilometers per monthwhich it will be possible to transfer to the following month in the event of a lighter month.

Gasoline isn’t included in the price, of course, but Porsche’s assistance is part of the formula. The package has a commitment period of three months at the time of subscription and it will require a month’s notice before you can cancel. The deposit is 5,500 euros and the all-risk insurance deductible will be 2,500 euros.

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Porsche’s strategy behind its subscription

If Porsche does not offer its subscription to people under 25 and to young drivers (less than 5 years of seniority), it does not prevent its objective from being rejuvenate its customers. The trend is more and more towards car sharing and leasing, which does not spare more premium brands. And Porsche, which seeks to separate from the Volkswagen group on the stock market to trade on its own stock, is looking for new sources of income.

The formula is very well thought out and should not give customers the feeling of being treated with less prestige than real buyers. On the contrary. This new subscription comes alongside Porsche’s rental activity for used cars for 6 months, but also its daily rental service. Most of its services are limited to Germany. In the fall, the brand will expand its subscription to cities other than Berlin and Hamburg.

See if the price will stay the same. And if success is at the rendezvous. Audi, in the past, had launched a similar subscription which concerned only one model: its sports sedan RS6. The launch flopped and the manufacturer quickly withdrew its offer. The system seems more relevant at Porsche with the guarantee of being able to juggle between models of very different categories, such as a 911, a Cayenne and a Taycan.

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