Price increase: extension of the 18-cent discount, fuel bonus, food check… What new measures by summer?


Price increase: extension of the 18-cent discount, fuel bonus, food check… What new measures by summer?
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The Government will extend the discount of 18 cents per liter on fuel which was to end on July 31, the time to put in place a more targeted and more sustainable aid system. Total Energies is also preparing a boost for the summer.

A new fuel bonus which should see the light of day from July 31, but not for everyone. A food check, increased pensions for retirees… The rise in energy or food prices should worsen over the next few weeks and is forcing the government to think about new aid for French households.

While the war in Ukraine weighs more and more on inflation, Jean Castex announced at the end of his last Council of Ministers, held on May 11, 2022, that the rebate of €0.18 per liter of fuel (0. €17 in Corsica, €0.15 overseas) set up on April 1 would be extended beyond July 31, the date on which this exceptional aid operation was to end.

But the next steps will be more targeted. We will maintain a fuel restraint because pump prices continue to be very high. The rebate of 18 cents is effective today. There may also be devices that are more effective because they are more targeted at people who have no choice but to take their vehicle to work or who are heavy commuters. This device will be ready in the summer. (…) The idea is to vote on these measures in the summer, around July. We have crossed data between your level of income, the vehicle you have, the consumption of the vehicle, the number of kilometers you travel“, had revealed to our colleagues from France Info Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy.

In addition, the next boost from Total Energies should again result in a discount of 10 centimes per liter of fuel on unleaded gasoline and diesel. But it should be reserved for stations on highways.

It also remains to be seen to what extent inflation will increase in the country in the coming months. A crazy race that could force the public authorities to react more quickly, in particular to help the most precarious households. Food vouchers, wanted by Emmanuel Macron to help the most modest to provide local and more ecological food products, will be launched “from this summer”, but we do not know the details of this device.

The point of index of civil servants should also be unfrozen in the summer, opening de facto a revaluation. Finally, according to Gabriel Attal: “We are going to revalue pensions with inflation”the government spokesman said on May 11.

The tripling of the Macron bonus, thus allowing certain employees to be able to receive a tax-free bonus of €6,000, will also be part of the measures presented to Parliament this summer, as will the reduction in contributions for self-employed workers. “It will be a gain of €550 per year at the level of the minimum wage for a self-employed person”, added Gabriel Attal.

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