PS4, PS5: From 1080p/30 to 4K/60, how my life as a gamer was turned upside down overnight!


PS4, PS5: From 1080p/30 to 4K/60, how my life as a gamer was turned upside down overnight!
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Game News PS4, PS5: From 1080p/30 to 4K/60, how my life as a gamer was turned upside down overnight!

More than a big baby with a still questionable design, the PS5 is, for me, the symbol of a small revolution in my life as a player! While I hadn’t changed my set-up since the release of the first PlayStation 4, here I am immersed in the wonderful world of OLED, sixty frames per second and 4K. How lucky to have such great playing conditions.

Put the package

Sometimes, in a player’s life, there are periods of amnesia. The vagaries of life keep you away from your favorite pastime and unmissable blockbusters (God of War | Marvel’s Spider-Man) pass you by! That’s what happened to me – hello it’s Indee – for a large part of the life of the PlayStation 4, which I bought when it was released. So when it finally came time to get my gaming health back on track, I wasn’t in the mood to laugh. I was going to put the package for the arrival of the PS5. Not to mention the simple fact of acquiring the machine – an obstacle course that ended at the most gloomy point of withdrawal from the nine two – the question of the TV screen quickly arose. Yes, no question of carrying around my Samsung 1080p one more day! So I bet on 4K OLED, instant game response, 120hz input, the whole thing. I let you imagine my face when I launched Demon’s Souls PS5 for the first time.

A real “candy”

At the time, the editorial buddies slowly but surely snatched the new consoles from the hands of fate and the friend Carnbee (our Xbox gentleman) talks about a real “candy” when he savors his games on Series X. There is probably no better way to talk about the comfort in use offered by this ninth generation. The PlayStation 5, as on Xbox, we turn it on quickly and resume our session without delay. Because yes, thank you SSD! Then, once the title screen has been swept away, the action remains fluid, in 60 or 120 frames per second. The pleasure is immediate and without parasites.

This is probably what changes me the most compared to my good old PS4 – rest his soul. Even before I got my PS5, thanks to the services of a more or less powerful laptop, I discovered the joys of fast loading and smooth framerate! It’s crazy how much that kind of technical consideration gets essential. To tell you the truth, my PlayStation then started to gather dust in advance, not having a “60 fps” mode on console. More fluid (and in higher definition) the JV seems palpable to me. As if we were getting closer.

Stray; Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

PS4, PS5: From 1080p/30 to 4K/60, how my life as a gamer was turned upside down overnight!

another experience

From one set-up to another, from PS4 to PS5, from OLED to LCD, I often tell myself that I would not have had the same experience. Latest example: the mesmerizing Stray. I found myself absorbed by this city with cyberpunk inspirations, struck by the color of the neon lights, the ease with which the main protagonist (a little cat) moves there. Same thing on Horizon Forbidden West, where the appeal of exploration probably wouldn’t have been the same under other conditions. More than ever, video games are like a window to another world. But with next-gen consoles, it’s like that window is less noticeable, almost invisible.

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