PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!


PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!
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Game news PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!

That’s it, it’s the end of the year 2022: the gifts arrive under the tree and it’s freezing cold. Above all – it is a tradition – it is time to look carefully into the future. In this article, we discuss the construction sites of PlayStation in the coming months. Come on, let’s start!

1) Sell 10 million PS5s in three months

We start with something important for any machine producer, sales! As a reminder, for the 2022-2023 fiscal year – which will end in March 2023 – PlayStation aims to sell 18 million PS5. In other words, next Easter, the manufacturer would ideally like to have 37 million units worldwide, which is not a foregone conclusion… Because yes, last November, the Sony console exceeded 25 million of copies. But even with the sales made in the meantime (no more than a million), there would still be a hole of 10 million PS5s to fill in three months.

Impossible, you say? Not at PlayStation. Recently, through Hideaki Nishino (VP of Platform Experience at Sony) the Japanese brand confirmed the target of “37 million units by the end of fiscal year 2022”. And according to Insider Gaming, a media known for its often proven scoops, PlayStation plans to produce – and therefore sell – 30 million PS5s during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. So yes, whether for this year or next year, Sony seems sure of itself, resting no doubt on the Christmas holidays and the end of component shortages.

(PS5 / Sony promotional images, 2020)

PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!

2) Unveil and launch the famous PS5 Slim?

Little rumor moment for this part. According to several media (Insider Gaming, The, among others) PlayStation would launch a new model in 2023, around September! Everyone talks about a “PS5 Slim” with a reader of detachable disc, the latter of which can – obviously – be purchased separately or bundled with a console. “The object would connect to the back of the machine thanks to a brand new USB-C port (there is currently only one, at the front, editor’s note)” explains Insider Gaming, s pressing several sources. On December 12, Tom Henderson (media boss) gave new : “Two people told me that the test kit (of the new PS5, editor’s note) is in the hands of people and that it “works perfectly””. An announcement soon? This is what Hideaki Nishino, quoted above, implies in the same Famitsu interview: “We think that (2023, editor’s note) it will also be a Very important for the platform”.

A console with detachable disc player, that’s original. Above all, for Sony, the operation could have very concrete consequences! The PS5 Slim would be a kind of “two-in-one” model, like a Digital Edition (without a disc drive) that could become a Standard Edition thanks to an optional accessory. Behind the scenes: that would mean one production line for “two” machines, so less cost, but also a lighter console. Since its debut in 2020, the PS5 has undergone a curious slimming cure, losing between 500 and 600g (depending on the model), to which would be added the absence of Blu-Ray support. According to the website TweakTownSony would thus gain on the side of the price of sending its baby by cargo ship… A boost certainly not negligible, in a difficult economic context which pushed the firm to raise the price of its PS5.

3) Convince with PSVR 2 and games!

But, next year, there is a big PlayStation novelty that will land and this one is very real! We are of course talking about the PSVR2, Sony’s new virtual reality headset exclusive to the PS5, scheduled for February 22, 2023. Yes, it’s a gem of technology (4K HDR, 2000 x 2040 per eye, framerate 90 to 120 Hz, eye tracking) but there is a “big black dot”, price: €599.99or 50€ more than the last price of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition, a sum which can constitute a brake.

(Left is PSVR 2, right is Horizon Call of the Mountain)

PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!

Beyond the price, the PSVR 2 seems to have it all: a quality headset and a solid rendering, as evidenced by our in-house handling, but above all games, headlined by Horizon Call of the Mountain, original story from the famous Guerrilla Games license, as well as the VR mode of Resident Evil Village. “I think that using one of our biggest licenses (Horizon, editor’s note) shows our commitment to VR fans” noted Hermen Hulst – head of PlayStation studios – in an interview with Julien Chièze. For the first PSVR, released in 2016 on PS4, the best games took quite a while to arrive, and none exploited Sony’s ultra-popular licenses (God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us). So hopefully the momentum of PSVR 2 is enough. Today, out of 117 million PS4s, 6 million PSVR “1”s have been sold, representing 5% of the machine’s players.

4) Present a first online service game

Games what? Yes, you read that right. If you remember correctly, at the start of the year, Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony, dropped an important sentence: “Thanks to close collaboration between PlayStation Studios and Bungie (creator of Destiny from then on bought by the company, editor’s note) , we aim to launch more than 10 service games by March 2026”! Yes, after reigning over the PS4 generation | One with its solo games (strategy that always works so well, God of War Ragnarok in mind) and while the production costs are always more enormous, Sony knows that it must aim for other heights. Moreover: the mobile is also in the head of the firm, as evidenced by the takeover of the Savage studio.

Today, several PlayStation teams are working on online games, such as Haven, piloted by Jade Raymond, and London Studio (VR game Blood & Truth). Above all, even the stars of the Japanese manufacturer are getting into it: Naughty Dog and its multiplayer game “The Last of Us”, or more recently Guerrilla Games with an online and coop Horizon project. As with VR, Sony no doubt wants to show that it does not take service games lightly. It’s probably the right thing to do, while the image of “solo games” sticks to his skin. Maybe more information in 2023?

(The first image from Naughty Dog/Sony’s The Last of Us multi-project, 2022)

PS4, PS5: PSVR 2, Slim model, games services, the 5 major PlayStation projects in 2023!

5) Managing to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

We quickly leave each other on the subject “Microsoft buys Activision-Blizzard and Sony doesn’t like it”, to which we recently devoted an entire article. Basically, PlayStation is worried about the future of Call of Duty (owned by Activision and in theory soon by Microsoft) on PS4 | PS5. Indeed, the famous FPS, often number one in sales, reports a lot of money, and the Japanese company especially does not want it to become an Xbox and PC exclusive. At the time of writing, Microsoft has offered a deal for PlayStation to keep Call of Duty ten more years, which does not satisfy Jim Ryan, head of Uncharted’s dad | God of War. He and Xbox boss Phil Spencer have had heated exchanges through the media, and rumors have it that Sony has canceled its 2022 PlayStation Showcase due to the case. It would therefore be necessary to calm things down very quickly.

The big PS5 exclusions coming in 2023:

  • Forspoken, temporary console exclusive (2 years) on PS5 / Release: January 24, 2023
  • Final Fantasy XVI, temporary exclusivity (six months) on PS5 / Release: June 22, 2023
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so far just announced on PS5 / Released: Fall 2023
  • Marvel’s Wolverine? Star Wars Kotor Remake? The Last of Us? Uncharted?

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