PS5: 25 million consoles distributed, PS Plus and game sales at half mast


PS5: 25 million consoles distributed, PS Plus and game sales at half mast
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business news PS5: 25 million consoles distributed, PS Plus and game sales at half mast

We are still in the midst of financial results, and Sony has just released its results for the quarter ending September 30th. The opportunity for PlayStation to take stock of sales of its PS5, production, but also on PlayStation Plus. The situation, if still not ideal, is good!

The number of PS5s sold is slowly rising, but it is rising! Affected by the pandemic and shortages like all companies, Sony PlayStation has not been able to produce or sell as many PS5s as desired.

25 million PS5, the milestone has been reached!

The console is becoming increasingly “easier” to obtain, but it remains extremely rare to find in storesand the players have to face a 50€ increase in the price of the machine. Last June, the large new generation console had passed the milestone of 20 million units sold, which is worse than its predecessor. The PS4 had reached this total in 15 months and 14 dayswhile the PS5 will have waited 18 months and 22 days.

Behind this delay, we obviously find the shortage of components and a more global economic crisis, but the manufacturer planned “a significant increase in PS5 production” In the coming months. Today, Sony announced that the PS5 had passed the milestone of 25 million units shipped around the world nearly two years after its release, and whose 3.3 million produced during the quarter closed September 30.

The production is therefore well up, but maybe not as much as hoped while remaining fairly stable compared to the second fiscal quarter of 2021. To situate, the PS5 had been produced at 2.4 million units in the prior quarter. Over the entire fiscal year, Sony therefore sold 5.7 million PS5s, and still aiming for 18 million consoles distributed by the end of the fiscal year.

Falling game sales, and a PlayStation Plus losing subscribers

However, activity is declining. The Japanese firm announced that 62.5 million games were sold on PS5, including 6.7 million games produced in-house, for 63% of digital sales. This is less than in the second quarter of 2021 (76.4 million games, 6.7 million first party games). On the PlayStation Plus side, the new formula still seems to have a little trouble convincing, since the figures indicate that the subscription had on September 30 45.4 million subscribers, or 1.9 million fewer subscribers.

However, the different formulas allow Sony to have more revenue per subscriber, with an increase of 21%. Finally, Sony records a decline in the number of active users, which falls to 102 million. Nothing to panic about, far from it, but the company surely hopes to see these figures start to rise again in the near future. An entirely conceivable hope, since God of War: Ragnarok is expected for next week, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a hit.

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