PS5: A new feature gives another dimension to video sharing


PS5: A new feature gives another dimension to video sharing
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Game News PS5: A new feature gives another dimension to video sharing

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5, Sony wanted to accentuate the community aspect of the brand by offering a whole host of options. Today, it’s the turn of video sharing to take on a whole new dimension.

Share Factory, the video editor gains depth

If one of your passions is to capture your gameplay footage to share with loved ones or on social networks or if you just like to edit without worrying about more powerful software, but difficult to take hand like Adobe Premiere Pro, you are currently in the right place. In order to once again strengthen the community aspect of the PlayStation 5, Sony is today offering an update for its free video editor, namely Share Factory Studio.

As you can see by looking at the tweet below, this new proposal, entitled Bits, allows you to quickly, and above all easily, add new animations to your feats or your captures to add a little more personal touch. On the program: stickers, but also free drawings thanks to the DualSense or even a voice modifier.

We’ve rolled out a new update for our free video editing app, Share Factory Studio on PS5. We have worked hard to bring you our brand new feature called Bits. Bits is an easy way to customize and share your gameplay clips and screenshots with your friends on PS5. Choose from one of the many styles of Bits to quickly create your own take on a classic or trending meme. If you have an idea for Bit, use the quick edit mode to bring your vision to life. This new easy editing mode is ideal for novices and pros alike.

All the news from Share Factory

The Bits update is of course free. and, in addition to adding the ability to include animated stickers in your videos, this new feature is also touted as “the perfect companion” to the PS App’s Game Captures feature. Indeed, all the Bits you have created in Share Factory can be directly shared from your phone on social networks.

In short, the different features of Bits:

  • A brand new video editing mode with quick access to all editing features and new content that can be added to your Bits.
  • The ability to create brief entertainment content, in the form of Bits lasting between three seconds and one minute.
  • New styles of Bits regularly updated through our service. Bits styles will update based on days of the week, special events, holidays, seasons, and trending content.
  • A whole new series of animated stickers with sound and text customization options.
  • A new drawing feature that lets you create free-form doodles using the DualSense wireless controller.
  • A new dubbing feature to add filters to modify your voice during voice recordings.

With Bits, we want to make it easy to create and send short gameplay videos to share feats, jokes, stunts, and all kinds of entertaining content.

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