PS5 in stock: where to find it this week


PS5 in stock: where to find it this week
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PS5 back in stock? Only a few weeks from Black Friday, we can say that this is timely! But where will it be available? We tell you in this article, and especially how to get it at its normal price!

Sony’s latest console has been particularly sought after since its release at the end of 2020. Expected by entire cohorts of fans, it is a sesame that is traded under the mantle at a gold price. But, the majority of people are rather looking to get it at its normal price.

This is why, since its launch, each restocking is eagerly awaited by all those who are actively looking for the console. Absent from the shelves, it is especially on online sales sites that the PS5 manages to make its way, but never for long!


  • PS5 back in stock? But where?
  • PlayStation 5 in short supply: the reasons for its absence
  • PS5: how to get it at its normal price?

PS5 back in stock? But where?

Indeed, the enthusiasm is such that it is rare to see the console appear in stock for more than an hour. This means that the next restockings of the PlayStation are always eagerly awaited by fans of all stripes.

But, with a little anticipation, it is possible to be able to get your hands on it. And apparently, this week, it’s on online sales sites that everyone knows that the famous PS5 could reappear!

PS5 at Amazon: yes, but by invitation

The most famous online sales site in the world is likely to offer the console this week. But, Amazon has decided to change its mode of operation by offering an invitation system. Go to the console page and remember to click on the “request an invitation” button. And with a little luck, you will have the possibility in the days to come to be able to buy the console of your dreams.

Request an invitation to buy a PS5 on Amazon

The PS5 on the side of E.Leclerc?

E.Leclerc has succeeded in going beyond the framework of mass distribution and food by also offering tech products. Which means that it is not surprising to find PS5s at home. To be able to successfully get your hands on it, it will be necessary to be both fast and above all efficient. To do this, you will need to have an E.Leclerc account and above all that you already have a means of payment registered so that, when the restocking arrives, you just have to confirm your basket.

See if the PS5 is available at E.Leclerc

PlayStation 5 in short supply: the reasons for its absence

The PS5 is the latest console from Sony. 5th generation of a home console that arrived in the 90s, the PlayStation has managed to seize a whole section of the video game industry in order to become a tenor.

This means that at each iteration, each console was awaited and scrutinized by many fans. But above all, each time, she was a victim of her own success. For the PlayStation 5, this changed somewhat, as the context of its release was different.

Indeed, the PS5 was released at the end of 2020. And that year, the entire world economy suffered from COVID-19. Indeed, with the various confinements which have made it possible to curb the pandemic, the component factories have had to idle. This means that they have accumulated a significant delay.

And semiconductor components, those essential to building a PS5, soon found themselves in short supply. Add to that the explosive demand that was already simmering during pre-orders, and you end up with a console that is absent subscribers on all shelves.

With the shortage that hit Sony’s console, PS5s quickly appeared on sales sites, especially with third-party sellers, at particularly high prices.

Indeed, with a growing demand and above all, which does not go down, some people have set up real PS5 resale businesses. So it’s not surprising to see it displayed at more than 800€ in its standard version.

So, for those who don’t want to wait, this can be a solution. But it will require you to put your hand in the wallet more importantly.

Otherwise, you can also arm yourself with patience and prepare your move in advance by anticipating the next restocking. And for that, we can only encourage you to, first, open customer accounts on official online sales sites that are used to managing PS5 restocking.

Below is a list of sites that have regularly popped up on consoles lately:

  • Check PS5 Stock at Amazon
  • Check PS5 stocks at Fnac
  • Check PS5 stocks at Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stocks at Micromania
  • Check PS5 stocks at Boulanger

After that, you are encouraged to complete your payment information as well as billing and shipping addresses. Why do this in advance? Quite simply because if you take too long to react the day you manage to put a console in your basket, it will disappear. Speed ​​and preparation will be your two best allies to successfully get your hands on the famous PS5.

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