PS5: Is Sony preparing for the arrival of the PlayStation 5 Pro?


PS5: Is Sony preparing for the arrival of the PlayStation 5 Pro?
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News hardware PS5: Is Sony preparing for the arrival of the PlayStation 5 Pro?

It is well known that the arrival of a console generally coincides, for manufacturers, with the establishment of think tanks to prepare future plans. Bringing a machine to market is the culmination of many years of work and it is not surprising that manufacturers anticipate the creation of prototypes. This is true for all manufacturers, whether Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony. For some time now, the latter have accustomed us to the marketing of optimized models and it is hard to see how current machines can escape this trend now rooted in the industry.

If we are talking about this today, it is because Internet users have spotted the imminent arrival of a new version of the PlayStation 5. In a context of tensions over semiconductors, it is not no wonder manufacturers are looking for alternatives to lower production costs. Thus, a Japanese user of Twitter noticed that a new model of PS5, CFI-12xx, is about to join the stalls of Japanese stores. According to the person concerned, we should not expect major upheavals. These are more optimizations to the main processor (CPU) and an update to the radio equipment of the console.


Inevitably, these changes, although minor, raise several questions. Between the PlayStation 4 and its boosted model, the PlayStation 4 Pro, three years have passed. Sony has taken advantage of technological advances to offer a more powerful console, without distorting what made the success of the original. Without restricting access to the PS4, the developers were able to improve the gaming experience and go further in terms of graphics, animation and sound. The PlayStation 5, for its part, was released on November 19, 2020 and we can therefore envisage the arrival of an improved model for the end of 2023. In any case, if we rely on the temporal space separating the PS4 from her little sister Pro.

No one knows the plans of Sony and other manufacturers, but the Switch OLED is a signal that console optimization is a subject taken very seriously by major companies in the video game industry. There remains a major unknown: the current market is disrupted by a shortage of components and the PS5, to name a few, is absolutely impossible to find without going through the good old reservation system (in store or online). There is therefore a good chance that manufacturers will seek to ensure the production of their current machines before planning the arrival of new, more efficient models. Unless supply issues resolve and alter manufacturers’ plans.

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