PS5 stocks: Offers for those in a hurry, but less for the wallet! – Mag Mirror


PS5 stocks: Offers for those in a hurry, but less for the wallet!  – Mag Mirror
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Since November 2020, Sony has opted for a particular strategy for the marketing of its expected PlayStation 5: to count on relatively low production volumes compared to sales projections, despite impressive demand. The result is very limited stocks, and difficulties for players to obtain the object of their desire. MirrorMag tells you everything for optimize your chances to get your hands on one of the coveted PS5!

Successful marketing

Despite a very strict sales policy, 17.3 million sales have already found takers to date. The Japanese manufacturer does not deny its popularity acquired over the last thirty years on the video game market, clearly outclassing its direct competitor, Microsoft, and its 12 million Xbox Series sold. However, finding one of these consoles, both in physical stores and online, could not be more difficult.

Offers present but not always interesting

For the past few weeks, the stocks delivered by Sony have been very limited, if not non-existent. Thus, the offers offered by the traditional e-commerce giants are becoming increasingly rare, even if CDiscount continues, for example, to put consoles online weekly, always around the €500 announced by the manufacturer.

However, other sites have their own offers. Rakuten is already selling refurbished PS5s, for around €650. If the quality of the reconditioning is generally there, such a price for what remains of the occasion seems inappropriate. Similarly, new consoles are offered there from time to time, for prices ranging from 700 to 800€. Such a price difference depending on the sites does not seem justified, so it seems more consistent to show a little patience. However, the most in a hurry could find their account there.

Watch out for the occasion!

The purchase of consoles on the second-hand market is still strongly discouraged. Indeed, many scammers take advantage of this situation and operate on specialized second-hand sites (Leboncoin, Ebay, Vinted), and the few consoles actually for sale on these platforms usually sell for around twice their new price. An option to avoid at all costs!

Check offers in real time

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