PSG – Marco Verratti: “If we had been beaten by Villarreal in C1, we wouldn’t even have left the stadium”

PSG – Marco Verratti: “If we had been beaten by Villarreal in C1, we wouldn’t even have left the stadium”
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He is so much part of the furniture that Marco Verratti looks like a great witness in the trial that affects PSG. The Parisian midfielder, who arrived at the club in 2012, has just completed his tenth season with the French champion. For Le Parisien, he agreed to answer questions from readers of the newspaper at length. And, unsurprisingly, it was elimination against Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the Champions League which will have constituted a kind of red thread for a very complete interview.

At this level, in the Champions League, these are matches where everything can go very quicklybelieves Verratti. Moreover, Real repeated it against Chelsea and Manchester City. Madrid are a team that is used to playing these games and suffering. Here in Paris, we sometimes forget that you have to suffer to win. And that, we must understand it all together: the players, the club, the supporters. We are on the pitch, but there is this atmosphere around which means that we would always have to win 3, 4 or 5-0. But football is no longer that. There are no more small teams in the Champions League“.

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This surprise elimination will have raised many disputes at the club and the attitude of the supporters surprised the Parisian workforce, as confirmed by Verratti in a surprising echo of the words of Marquinhos after the boycott against OM (2-1 ). “I think their anger is not just related to the resultssays the Italian. Madrid were the tell-tale of it all, but there were huge expectations at the start of the season. We said: Leonardo and Nasser (Al-Khelaïfi) bought great players, and today it’s their fault if we don’t succeed? It’s too easy…“.

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According to him, the method used by the CUP, between strike encouragement and celebrations outside the Park, was not the right one. “Fans have the right to whistle but not during the matchhe believes. During the match, we are all together. Sometimes it didn’t feel like playing at home anymore. It’s hard to understand. We need the supporters, and there are other ways to show your anger“.

In his interview, Verratti calls for patience and a little moderation. “They have the right to applaud, to whistle at the end of the matches, but if we want to grow together, we must not throw everything in the trashhe said. It’s hard, but we were eliminated by Madrid, a great team. Imagine if we had been taken out by Villarreal like Bayern Munich, we wouldn’t even have left the stadium!“.

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In the rest of his interview, Verratti skims all the subjects and necessarily the most burning of them: the future of Kylian Mbappé. While the Frenchman has announced that his decision has been made and that the announcement should not be delayed, the Italian, close to the Frenchman, does not hide that he is impatient to know the final outcome of the case.

This will impact the club regardless of their decisionhe explains. He’s one of the greatest players on the planet right now so we all want him to stay here. But when I talk to him, it’s more for fun. In football, when you have something in your head, when a decision is close, you don’t talk about it much. It’s his decision, and I’m waiting for it, like you. When I’m off and see notifications that say Kylian is in Madrid, it gives me a stomach ache (laughs). Even if afterwards he said to me: ‘Quiet, I was on vacation’. We are all waiting to know“.

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