Reims releases champagne football and puts an end to the good series of Rennes


Reims releases champagne football and puts an end to the good series of Rennes
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It’s over ! Prestigious victory for Reims!

Les Champenois beat Rennes, who had not lost for 4 months, with a score of 3-1! The Bretons are still 3rd, but OM, who are playing against Toulouse at 9 p.m., can get ahead of them.

Terrier is replaced by Abline

The former Lyonnais was less sharp than usual, perhaps the backlash from the World Cup (we apologize for this valve, Florian Maurice).

Standing ovation for the Salas-Zamorano duo of Ligue 1

Lopy and Holm replace Ito and Balogun, a still huge duo.

Just before the goal, Sulemana was replaced in place of Ugochukwu on the Rennes side.


It’s 3-1: Mandanda leaves his area and arrives in front of Balogun launched in depth… but clears on his defender! The ball returns to the attacker on loan from Arsenal, who pushes it to the back of the head.


It goes from one side to the other, and the Reims goalkeeper is put to work on a well slammed header from Terrier.

Balogun stumbles on Mandanda

But the English striker is doing a lot of harm to the Rennes defense, in all areas: conservation, depth, combination…

It’s chopped up by the changes…

Zeneli, very good in his movements and fair technically, is replaced by Van Bergen.

First change in Reims

Flips, 22, gives way to Doumbia, 19.

Omari is warned

For overly vehement protest.


The Rémois always have the transitions to redo the break. Zeneli serves the Japanese with the outside of the foot. Ito’s control gets him on board a little too much, and he’s forced to hit really hard. The bar shakes.

We start at the same pace

And so much the better! Ito has already dribbled past, the Rennais have just set the area on fire… Delaune is playing tonight!

King Pelé is dead

The Brazilian died on Thursday at the age of 82.

From change to break!

Doku and Meling replace Gouiri and Truffert before the restart.

2-1 at the break!

Reims did everything well, with two goals from Balogun and Flips and a very dynamic game, but Rennes were able to revive in the last seconds thanks to Theate closing the gap. It makes me want to see more!


Rennes relaunched the match following a corner, with a cross slightly deflected by Terrier and Theate which appeared at the far post… 2-1 before the break!

The Rémois are often reported out of play

Balogun is again, having seen his shot being blocked by a defender. But Will Still asks his players to continue, and we actually feel Rennes on the verge of breaking up.

A reason for hope for Rennes?

The last time Rennes led 2-0 at home, the Champenois lost 2-4. It was against Clermont on August 14.

Reims knows how to take full advantage of the spaces

In the duel, Balogun fails to frame. But the alerts are multiplying for Rennes.

Diouf takes the second corner in a row

The first gave rise to another Rennes opportunity, with a shot at the far post deflected by a defender.


While he had moved into a left midfield position, the ball came back to him but his shot was blocked and flirted with the post.


It is just as beautiful as the first, with a perfect half-volley from the entrance to the surface which will lodge in the small net of Mandanda.

Ito is warned

Stroller behind an opponent’s back during a duel.

Rennes is doing a little better

It must be said that Reims had started strong and that we had seen only red (with Christmas motifs, special jersey) at the start of the match.

Terrier tries his luck from far and from the left

Diouf picks up quietly, but here too it will perhaps allow the Bretons to wake up.

Kalimuendo center back

But there are too few people in the area and the Reims defense can get away. It was, however, the first Rennes offensive in the last 30 meters.


His volley in the area is perfect and Mandanda can’t do anything. Reims materialize their BIG start to the match. 1-0!


Big start from Reims: on the corner that follows the previous opportunity, Balogun hooks from a tight angle and hits hard. The former OM goalkeeper flies away.


High recovery from Reims, Balogun advances and does not shoot from a tight angle but looks for the back pass for Zeneli, countered by a sublime tackle from Traoré in extremis.

Ito lights the first wick

The Japanese places the first decisive dribble of the game and obtains the first corner, which gives nothing.

Let’s go !

Kick off given by Reims.

The Rennes composition

Reindeer: Mandanda – Traore, Omari, Theate, Truffert – Tait, Ugochukwu, Bourigeaud – Kalimuendo, Terrier, Gouiri.

Replacements: Alemdar, Rodon, Doué, Meling, Françoise, Xeka, Abline, Doku, Sulemana.

The composition from Reims, in 4-2-3-1

Reims: Diouf – Foket, Adgbadou, Abdelhamid, De Smet – Munetsi, Matusiwa – Ito, Flips, Zeneli – Balogun.

Replacements: Pentz, Doubmia, Busi, Gravel, Holm, Lopy, Van Bergen, Locko, Guitane.

Genesio offered a gift to the children of its players

Bruno Genesio has temporarily swapped his coaching outfit for that of Santa Claus. In a column in Ouest-France, Flavien Tait, midfielder of Stade Rennais, revealed that the technician had been generous with the children of his players during the holiday season. A way to maintain a strong bond with his troops… and to better pass the training program on December 25, four days before the trip to Reims, Thursday (7 p.m., 16th day of Ligue 1).

Maurice tackles Deschamps on the absence of Terrier at the World Cup

The World Cup is over but Florian Maurice is not getting angry. In an interview with L’Equipe, the technical director of Stade Rennais deplores the absence of Martin Terrier in the group of the France team after a 2021-2022 season with 21 goals in Ligue 1 and a still consistent start to the year. in 2022-2023 (11 goals, 4 assists). The manager is surprised at the lack of attraction of the staff of the Blues for Rennes players.

He accuses Didier Deschamps of sending a very bad message to players playing in France.

Two confident teams

Undefeated in all competitions since August 27 and a defeat to Bollaert (2-1) in the league, the Rennais are in great confidence when it comes to facing Rémois now trained by Will Still. A success would allow the Bretons to temporarily return to two points behind Lens while Reims is aiming for the first part of the table.

Hi there !

Third in Ligue 1, Stade Rennais travels this Thursday to the Stade de Reims, 11th, on the occasion of the 16th day. Kick off at 7 p.m. To follow live commented on the site and the RMC Sport application.

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