Restaurant tickets, gas prices, real estate loans… what changes on June 1st

Restaurant tickets, gas prices, real estate loans… what changes on June 1st
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At each first day of the month its changes. Retirement savings plans, life insurance, restaurant tickets, home loans for former cancer patients… Le Parisien lists what is changing this Wednesday.

Last month for the ceiling for restaurant tickets at 38 euros

As the public service site explains, the daily ceiling for meal vouchers is maintained at 38 euros until June 30, 2022, in restaurants only, as part of a measure taken to support the catering sector during the health crisis. “The use of restaurant vouchers on weekends and public holidays is also possible there until the end of June 2022”, can we read on the site of the public administration, which specifies that the ceiling remains at 19 euros per day in a supermarket or food store. On June 30, the ceiling will therefore drop to 19 euros also in restaurants.

Home loans more accessible for former cancer patients

In accordance with the announcement made in the Official Journal of March 1, 2022, former cancer and hepatitis C patients will be able, from June 1, to obtain a mortgage under the same conditions as all borrowers, five years after their healing. “This provision will be extended to other chronic diseases. This is what the law provides for fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market. The law also abolishes the medical questionnaire for loans of less than 200,000 euros”, indicates the site of the public service, which specifies that “this right to be forgotten was ten years, except for cancers discovered before age 21, for which it was already five years. »

At the same time and within the framework of the Lemoine law, it will be possible from 1 June next to terminate, in the context of a mortgage, its borrower insurance at any time to take advantage of a less expensive competing offer or offering better guarantees. However, this measure will only apply on September 1st for contracts already started.

Rising gas prices

As expected, the regulated gas prices applied by Engie will increase by 4.4% from Wednesday. This increase is due in particular to the surge in the price of raw materials on the world market and to lower European stocks than usual, because of the war in Ukraine. The price increase will be 1.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 2.6% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water. For fireplaces heated by gas, the additional cost will be 4.6%.

Management fees for PER and life insurance now displayed

From June 1, producers and distributors of retirement savings plans (PER) and life insurance contracts will have to display the management fees on their websites, in accordance with a standard table established within the framework of a common agreement, under the aegis of the Ministry of the Economy, in order to allow customers to compare offers. A standard table grouping the costs by category will thus be put online from this date, on the website of each producer of PER or life insurance. “This table will present information by identical categories, so that subscribers can know and compare the entry fees, the annual fees”, indicate the public administration.

The right to a simplified bank account

Although only coming on June 13, and not June 1, this change should make life easier for many French people. Thus, from this date, persons who have requested the opening of a bank account and who have not received a response within 15 days of their application, i.e. residents in France or in a Member State of the European Union, all French nationals residing abroad or applicants who are prohibited from banking, can immediately turn to the Banque de France, which will automatically appoint a bank close to their domicile. “The objective is to modify the deadlines for the right to an account procedure and to improve its monitoring”, according to the French administration.

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