Roland-Garros 2022 – Moutet had the right to live his dream against Nadal: “I would have liked to play all night against him”

Roland-Garros 2022 – Moutet had the right to live his dream against Nadal: “I would have liked to play all night against him”
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He left Central to a standing ovation. But some encouragements weigh more than others. When Corentin Moutet sped towards the locker room, he was accompanied by heartfelt applause from Rafael Nadal. The story of this uneventful 2nd round for the Spaniard is undoubtedly linked to this moment: Moutet lived his fairy tale, less victory but tenfold emotions.

In the mixed zone after the match, he first admitted his disappointment with the final result, not necessarily as to the identity of his executioner. “It was intense, I had moments when I managed to play almost on an equal level but it’s really throughout the match that it’s hard to hold onadmitted Moutet, dismissed in three sets by Nadal (6-1, 6-3, 6-4). The intensity, always staying aggressive, his ball is super fast, it goes up a lot. So it was a very physical match even if it wasn’t that long“.

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“To have fun, I think there is no easier”

Quickly, he had understood: if his idol has such a substantial track record, it is probably because he has weapons that most mortals cannot control. So he tried. But, above all, he loved it. “Frankly, I take advantage of all the matches, especially at Roland-Garros, there are always a lot of people, I have the chance to play on big courtshe explained. There, in night session… To have fun, I think it couldn’t be easier. I had a lot of fun even if the competitive side is also there, there is disappointment.”

“Once again, Alcaraz shows its resources, more than its weaknesses”

But, he assures him, he lived this match “thoroughly“and leave”without regret“. No doubt because basically, the essential was elsewhere. For the space of an evening, the gamer Moutet became again the little Corentin, the one who put on his idol’s tank top while imagining himself playing on the biggest scenes. And that is priceless.”It was a goal before he stopped his career, before I stopped mine toohe said. There, at Roland, there were all the conditions I dreamed of when I started playing tennis. Besides, I wasn’t even dreaming, I didn’t think it would be possible one day to play against him at Roland-Garros. When you start and play in your room on the wall, you can’t imagine that one day it will be on TV. If I take a step back, frankly it’s incredible to be where I am today, to live this.”

And the foot in all this? “It’s still Nadal!”

Time will no doubt soften the bitterness of defeat. Because these memories are rare and therefore precious. “It’s a moment that will be unique, that belongs to me and that I will keep forever in my head.he added. I would have liked to play all night against him. ” Not sure that the converse is true as the Spaniard seemed in a hurry not to drag too much on the court.

Moreover, Corentin Moutet did not notice anything special about Rafa: the whole panoply of the champion seems to be there. Asked about the physique of his idol, one-night rival, he quickly cut it short: “Don’t worry about him. He has 21 GC, he is fine. He is there, he is present, it is always Nadal !”

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Roland Garros

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