Roland-Garros: Rafael Nadal’s infiltrations considered doping? Some athletes point the finger at the Spaniard after his coronation


Roland-Garros: Rafael Nadal’s infiltrations considered doping?  Some athletes point the finger at the Spaniard after his coronation
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Rafael Nadal has revealed that he received anesthetic treatments to be able to play (and win) the Parisian tournament, despite the syndrome affecting his foot.

Question: “How many injections did you receive during the tournament?” Answer: “It’s better you don’t know!”

Scene captured at Olrad-Garros on Sunday June 5, around 7:30 p.m., shortly after Rafael Nadal’s historic 14th coronation at Porte d’Auteuil. Question asked by a journalist, to which the Spanish champion answered with a smile.

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We know the Majorcan affected by the Müller-Weiss syndrome, degenerative and incurable, which causes him deep pain in his left foot. Thus, to be able to compete victoriously in the Parisian tournament, Nadal played under infiltration.

But what exactly are we talking about? Local injections of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory products, most often derivatives of cortisone, such as corticosteroids.

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“Today’s heroes…”

Let’s face it: it’s an extremely common practice in almost all high-level sports, to temporarily reduce severe pain. Completely legal practice.

But some athletes winced, listening to Rafael Nadal. In the forefront of which: Thibaut Pinot, the French cycling champion. The Franc-Comtois joked on his Twitter account. “Today’s heroes…” he wrote in comment to Nadal’s revelation about his infiltrations. Message accompanied by two “smileys” which let understand the doubts of the cyclist.

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Thibaut Pinot has very often taken a stand in recent years against the use of corticosteroids. He belongs to the MPCC, the Movement for Credible Cycling, an association which bans all recourse to infiltrations during moments of competition: “Corticosteroid infiltrations, which do not require an AUT (Therapeutic Use Authorization), must be validated by the doctor in charge of the team, who will obligatorily prescribe a minimum of 8 days off work and competition and a cortisol level control” indicates in particular the charter of the MPCC.

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The situation of cycling, affected by numerous and very serious doping cases, is unique in the world of sport. The authorities have thus tightened the regulations, such as the International Federation (UCI) which banned the use of corticosteroids at the beginning of 2022.

But on the side of tennis, or even football, infiltrations are not prohibited.

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