Saints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-like

Saints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-like
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Game News Saints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-like

Slowly but surely, the release of Saints Row is getting closer and the developers have to brag about their baby: today, it’s about accessibility or interface and the title of Volition should offer a nice range of features.

Saints, but not feet

After four increasingly WTF episodes, it became difficult for Volition Games to offer yet another Saints Row in the script continuity of the saga: the Earth no longer existed, the Saints now dominated space and Johnny Gat had even beaten Satan straight to hell. From there, we understand that a blank sheet was necessary to breathe new life into the franchise.

The reboot Saints Row will therefore land in August and with it, a whole new city and a new story, still based on the criminal conquest of the Saints (that does not change). But beyond the extravagant permissive side widely put forward, what about accessibility?

A much less fun subject, certainly, but nevertheless essential for all players suffering from various and varied problems. Let them be reassured, the developers have planned a lot of options as the interface designer Kenzie Lindgren tells usin an interview with MP1st :

I can tell you it’s definitely the most accessibility we’ve ever had in a Saints Row game and I’m very happy to show people what you can do with these possibilities. We have many difficulty options; lots of options to help anyone who suffers from motion sickness, hearing impairment, visual impairment and even motor impairment.

We have full integration with the Tobii software that is in our game and you will, of course, be able to change all the key layouts to your liking (…). There’s really a lot to see and I’d be really happy to demonstrate everything you can do.

In another register, we recall that God of War Ragnarök just showed off its accessibility options yesterday.

Saints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-like

Such a customizable interface

Also in the same interview, it was UI artist Danielle Benthien and creative director Brian Traficante who returned to another similar point: the in-game interface (the HUD, for short) and all the customization possibilities.

Danielle Benthien: Players can disable life bars for vehicles and for enemies, other items can be scaled up or down depending on what size is best for the player. In this way, you can modify and customize the HUD elements.

Brian Trafficker: You can choose to hide everything: you can hide the GPS, you can hide just the GPS arrows. There are plenty of options to erase parts of the screen or add whatever details or data you want.

Danielle Benthien: It was very important for us, both from an accessibility point of view and from a simple development point of view, to be able to customize the hud elements and the user interface at any time.

Rather good news, then. Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

Saints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-likeSaints Row: crime accessible to all for this unbridled GTA-like


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