Sarthe: Jean Baudry finds disillusioned that he has to pay 62,000 euros in gas bills


Sarthe: Jean Baudry finds disillusioned that he has to pay 62,000 euros in gas bills
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The Sarthois Jean Baudry has a gas bill of nearly 62,000 euros to settle, he does not understand. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier JAUNAY

It’s a funny surprise that received last week by consulting his customer area on sarthois Jean Baudrysubscribed to EDFGRDF (Gas distribution network France) and who is asked to pay a gas bill of 62,000 euros for his house of Château-du-Loir.

The man who therefore possesses Montval sur Loir his second home, is also known in southern Sarthe for having been the president of the racing society of La Chartre-sur-le-Loir.

But beyond this invoiceof its amount which can only be an error, what drives the individual crazy is his inability to be able to reach a contact on the telephone who certifies to him that it is a mistake and that things are going Return to normal.

He explains :

“I am taken from number to number. Of course, I started by trying to reach EDF customer service on 3004, who told me from the outset that the invoices did not concern them, and sent another number to dial, up to three different ones in the end. . Everyone returns the ball. Impossible to have a clear explanation, or a person in charge. They ask me to contact my supplier, but who else can it be than GRDF? I’ve been trying to figure this out for over a week. It is abnormal”.

Looking back

Jean Baudry bought this house in June 2021. He encountered no problems before receiving a letter at the end of summer 2022 informing him of the installation of a new gas meter allowing the company to be able to follow its remote consumption, installation scheduled for September 12. The presence of the Sarthois is not necessary, the meter being located on the street side.

To settle what he owes, the man has chosen the monthly paymentwith a coupled gas-electricity subscription amounting to 164 euros per month.

Thus, while its consumption is estimated, concerning the gas component, at 28 euros for the month of August, it soars to 61,449 euros for the month of September. That of October does not yet appear in his customer area.

Our retiree would almost be amused by these figures, which are closer to the reality of a huge factory or “a producer of original plantations. I may soon receive a visit from the police“.

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By the way, he also always shows in his client area the consumption comparison which is drawn up between his own and that of similar households: 5,848 Kw/H of average consumption recorded between January and September 2022 when he displays 1,135,548 Kw/H on the meter. “Nice score, isn’t it”, he says with a smile.

Electric water heater

More seriously, he also informs that he has realized “no gas consumption since the installation of this meter. The boiler does not turn and I am using a electric water heater. »

Jean Baudry therefore hopes to obtain explanations quickly from his supplier.

Response from GRDF

Following the publication of the article, the company GRDF sent our editorial staff a press release, recalling that “it is not GRDF which is claiming this sum and that:

“GRDF’s role is above all to bring the gas to customers under the best quality, safety and cost conditions.

The main missions of GRDF are :

  • Maintain and develop the gas distribution network
  • Connecting new customers to the distribution network
  • Transmit consumption data to gas suppliers for billing

And to conclude: “the commercial dimension is the responsibility of the energy supplier, for example Engie, EDF or Total Energies…”

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