Seven to eight: a report on a vacation in the Landes outrages internet users


Seven to eight: a report on a vacation in the Landes outrages internet users
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This Sunday, July 10, a report from “Sept to eight” on the Landes coast shocked Internet users. TF1 screen capture

This Sunday, July 10, a new number of “Seven to eight” was broadcast on TF1. A report centered on the Landes coast, and in particular its “indecent” prices, shocked Internet users, while inflation is raging in France.

The summer holidays have started for a large number of French people. For the others, TF1 has decided to make them travel. This time, the teams of the first channel remained on national territory. In “Seven to Eight Life”, broadcast this Sunday July 10, viewers were immersed in the heart of a region which is attracting more and more tourists. With friends, family or even as a couple, the Landes coast has become for some “French California”. It must be said that his landscapes make you dream. In addition, this location is accessible for all budgets. Indeed, there is something for everyone, those who like to surf, those who prefer to party or those who love nature and miles of beach.

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“Quite shocking this report”

If the “Seven to Eight” teams were interested in many vacationers, it was one sequence in particular that shocked the Web. As the voiceover explained, the Landes are increasingly popular with a very wealthy clientele. Moreover, many villas have been created to meet all expectations. Nevertheless, these dream houses are only intended for the most affluent. And for good reason… To rent one of these villas for a week, you have to pay the modest sum of 12,000 euros. Hearing this award, many netizens were shocked. For Twittos, this report is just “indecent”.

“It shocks me”

On the Landes coast, there are sublime villas, but also luxury campsites where prices soar in high season. 16 kilometers from Hossegor is the largest 5-star hotel in France. The Old Port offers all kinds of services, but also accommodation. If the “simple” caravan reaches 525 euros per week, the wealthiest pay 5600 euros to live seven days in a VIP mobile home. Faced with these “indecent” prices for a week at the campsite, Internet users have once again expressed their amazement.

“The influencer has her week at 3500 euros offered”

To attract even more holidaymakers, the Lafitte brothers, at the head of this luxury campsite, call on influencers. One of them, a single mother of two children, had the privilege of staying a week without paying a penny. The only counterpart was of course to share content on its social networks, without denigrating the campsite. Thus, she was able to stay in a mobile home at 3500 euros per week. For Internet users, this revelation had the effect of a bomb. Some have insisted on recalling that a single mother cannot afford to spend 3500 euros for a week at the campsite. Others have deplored this practice “to vomit” while “French people have to work all year round” to afford a vacation.

This report at prices bordering on “indecent” was not to everyone’s taste, especially since many French people are affected by inflation and soaring prices.

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