Seven to eight: the testimony of a 92-year-old man, living in Marseille, upsets internet users


Seven to eight: the testimony of a 92-year-old man, living in Marseille, upsets internet users
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This Sunday, June 19, a report from “Seven to eight” on a 92-year-old retiree, living in Marseille, broke the hearts of Internet users. TF1 screen capture

A new number of “Seven to eight” was broadcast on TF1, this Sunday, June 19. If a report centered on “the nightmare of the inhabitants of the Mail” shocked Internet users, the story of a 92-year-old pensioner, and paralyzed in the legs, broke their hearts.

This Sunday, June 19 was marked by Father’s Day, but not only. It was also the second round of legislative elections. And while waiting for the results announced at 8 p.m., viewers met in front of a new number of “Seven to eight”. During this program presented by Harry Roselmack, TF1 highlighted three hot topics. First of all, after a week of heat wave felt throughout France, the first report was more than topical. These were low-cost swimming pools. And a detail struck the Twittos… A couple decided to go into debt over 15 years in order to install a swimming pool in their garden. If they had planned a maximum budget of 10,000 euros, this investment ended up costing them more than double.

Discover the portrait of Harry Roselmack:

The third and final subject of “Seven to Eight” centered on a death in the tropics, with a divisive verdict. A young woman from Nice lost her life in 2021, during her trip to the Seychelles. Her companion had found her hanging from the towel hook in a bathroom of their hotel. A tragedy that has still not been resolved. However, it is the second subject that has stunned the Web. And for good reason ! In this report entitled “The nightmare of the inhabitants of the Mail”, viewers discovered shocking images, and above all, testimonies that broke their hearts.

“The grandpa hurts my heart”

In this residence located in the northern districts of Marseille, dealers and squatters have taken possession of the premises and are making their own law. The remaining inhabitants live a real hell and are confronted with serious problems of insalubrity. Among those owners is 92-year-old Amnesty. This former retired worker is disabled. For the past few years, his legs have been paralyzed and he needs the help of a nurse, morning and evening, to get out and get into bed. As he explained in front of the cameras, he has not been able to leave his home for more than three years. The reason ? He lives on the ninth floor and the elevators in his tower no longer work. The condominium is aware, but does nothing… For all these years, this brave man has not seen any landscapes other than those of his apartment. A story that has shocked all Internet users.

Twittos nevertheless wanted to salute the courage and merit of the home nurses, and in particular the one who travels every day to help this gentleman live “a little more with dignity”.

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