She earns 2 million euros at 16 and now lives on social assistance, a crazy story


She earns 2 million euros at 16 and now lives on social assistance, a crazy story
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This story takes place in England. Callie Rogers was then 16 years old and had just won the crazy sum of 2 million euros. At that age, she didn’t know how to invest or keep her money for long. She now finds herself forced to live on social assistance. Discover its history.

Callie Rogers a waking dream

Imagine, you are a 16 year old teenager. You play the lottery for fun. Believe you won’t win. And yet yes. You win the crazy sum of two million euros. At this age, it is difficult to use your money well. Especially when you feel like you have a unlimited budget !

While most mature people will want to pursue a professional project, build or buy a house, or make donations, this was not the case for Callie Rogers. Indeed the young woman took advantage of her fortune which she completely squandered. Today in the obligation to live fromsocial supporta few years ago she was millionaires.

Radical life change

When she was only 16, she quickly received a sum of money that she was unable to manage. Callie Rogers clearly didn’t have the maturity to use her money wisely. It must be said that with such a sum, well used, she could not have had to work in her life. But the young woman quickly used everything. She was far too naive at the time to know who was there for her or her money. So she has lost a lot of money because of people taking advantage of her. Plus, she confessed to paying for a lot of big parties.

The Drugs were on point. But drugs are very expensive. She admitted, however, that she did not take it that often. She has therefore above all paid for the others. These big parties every weekend would therefore have been enough to squander his money. Also, she doesn’t remember how much she was able to give to help the people who were actually taking advantage of her.

But with two million in her account, she had somewhat lost the value of money. So a few thousand euros compared to two million seems like nothing. This is also why she gave money to so-called friendswhich were not.

Callie Rogers today

Today the young woman is 35 years old. So less than 10 years ago she was a multimillionaire. She confided to have to live today thanks to the social assistances since she does not have anything any more. Nevertheless, although she won’t say no to another 2 million euros, she doesn’t think she would do the same. She may regret the change in living standards. But in no way she regrets what she did with her money.

This allowed him to live a youth to the fullest. Also, she was able to realize what was essential or not in everyday life. She also wants to say that thanks to this experience, she learned a lot. Thereby, she is proud to have this current character. She says the duty to precisely what she experienced with her two million euros.

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