She files for divorce after seeing the photo, the dad…


She files for divorce after seeing the photo, the dad…
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By immortalizing a good time spent with the family, a mother had no idea that the photo was going to reveal something to her that would destroy her marriage. Discover the story of Susan, a 38-year-old mother who decided to file for divorce after an astonishing discovery.

The photograph

Who would have thought that a photo shoot could turn into a nightmare. Susan (38) and John (45) were one of those couples who were thought to be inseparable. Indeed, they had been together since they were on the benches of the university. Everything was fine. They both had excellent professional backgrounds. One could even say that they have made a success of their life.

So what could be wrong? The photo in question had alerted Susan to a dark secret that her husband had been hiding for some time. Until then, Susan was happily married and really didn’t think it was possible for her to live another life.

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One day, Susan wished to contact a photographer to organize a photo session for the family. Indeed, the desire to take pictures comes up in those moments when you feel that everything is going for the best. To find a photographer, nothing better than word of mouth. Susan therefore talked about it with a colleague who recommended a good one. That was good, it was a friend of the family. The photo session took place.

The discomfort

The photo shoot took place on a beautiful sunny day. The weather was right for it since, even though autumn was starting to set in, it was still quite warm. John didn’t seem comfortable, but whatever, the main thing is to finish what they had planned to do. Susan knew John didn’t like pictures. She told herself that he would make an effort.

When the photographer arrived, John looked increasingly strange. His face had gone quite pale. It is as if he had seen a ghost. However, he tried to hide his embarrassment. The photographer in question was not a stranger. He was a friend who often came to visit them. The welcome was warm except for John’s discomfort. You will notice all his tension in the photo. It was difficult for him to remain calm in front of the lens. A heavy secret gnawed at him.

The surprise

The photographer agreed with the family that the photos would be sent to them the next day. She thought about it all day. She was chomping at the thought of going home to see those pictures. The first thing she did when she got home was to open her mail. She looked at the photos one by one and concluded that the photographer had outdone himself. The pictures were very beautiful. The 38-year-old mother was carefully watching every detail.

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Something caught his eye. A small detail challenges Susan. It can’t be seen at a glance, but this detail is important. Could this explain her husband’s nervousness in front of the camera? Doubt was starting to creep into his head. She then began to remember her husband’s attitude towards the photographer. Surprised, she becomes speechless. This couldn’t be possible!

Susan zoomed in on her partner’s fingers…the absence of their wedding ring only amplified her doubts. However, there was a ring on her husband’s hand, but it was not his wedding ring! It was a gift from someone she thought was her childhood friend. What if John was in love with this man? Susan could not believe it, but events confirming this thesis came back to her memory. Susan was in shock.

The truth

She had then sent the children to the children’s home to be able to explain herself to her husband. When John arrived home, Susan was sitting in the living room with a very gloomy attitude. John knew his wife well enough to realize that this time he won’t escape it.

So he sat across from her with the intention of telling the whole truth. John admitted that he had a relationship with his friend, and it is for this reason that the latter often passed by the house. Susan could hardly believe it. She managed to keep calm and told her husband: “It’s alright, my darling”she whispered before adding: ” I forgive you. »

The couple then decided to file for divorce. They have rebuilt their lives on their own. Their love gave way to a solid friendship.

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