Shiloh, swept away at 13 by a breast tumor: her parents tell the story of a medical fiasco


Shiloh, swept away at 13 by a breast tumor: her parents tell the story of a medical fiasco
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On December 8, 2021, Shiloh, just 13 years old, died of a tumor located in the left breast. If the teenager’s ordeal lasted ten months, she was only treated during the last five. According to the testimony given by his parents to BFMTV on Wednesday, the fault lies with specialists who have long considered that it was impossible to contract such cancer so young. They plan to file a complaint.

Parents tormented by anguish, doctors who do not take the measure of the situation, and in the middle, a 13-year-old teenager plagued by cancer. Shiloh died on December 8 of a tumor in her left breast after ten months of suffering. Worse, during the first four months, the disease passed under the radar of specialists who refused to consider that the young girl could have contracted this syndrome at such a young age.

A delay in the care not only detrimental but at the very origin of the death of Shiloh according to the account of his parents to BFMTV. These, Diane, and Modibo, intend today to file a complaint against the doctors responsible for this misdiagnosis.

A series of failures

It was at the family home in Franconville, in the Val-d’Oise, that Diane received our cameras. More precisely in the bedroom of her late daughter, where she now spends her nights since Shiloh passed away.

“I sleep there every night. Well, ‘I sleep’, I go down to hell every night,” she explains.

The drama begins in March 2021, when the teenager shares her first pains, concomitant with the appearance of pimples on her left breast. Diane immediately takes him to see a radiologist.

She recounts the interview: “I tell her: ‘I’m worried. For me, there are all the symptoms of breast cancer. She replies: ‘Madam, breast cancer does not exist in children ‘.” First missed date of a long series.

Especially since the ultrasound performed in the process does not detect any cancerous cell. So we just prescribe antibiotics to the young patient – whose condition soon worsens. The parents of Shiloh and the person concerned then multiply the consultations. All are expedited. No one believes that Shiloh could suffer from a breast tumor at her age.

Shiloh's father.
Shiloh’s father. © BFM TV

Grade II breast angiosarcoma

In May, she was admitted to a hospital in Argenteuil. In front of the marks on the girl’s breast, the staff even think of abuse. “We are released from the social worker, psychologist, police interrogations”, recalls Diane, who also laments: “We are going to do an X-ray of Shiloh’s wrist, we massacre his wrist without a protective apron. We take care of from everything except from his bosom”.

Ultimately, Shiloh is discharged from the hospital nine days after entering it. It is necessary to wait until the end of July for the tumor to be established. This is not breast cancer strictly speaking: this is a grade II mammary angiosarcoma.

Finally treated, the teenager takes part in her first session of chemotherapy on August 18 – five months after the manifestation of the initial symptoms therefore – according to the details provided by the bereaved family on Monday at Parisian. The last will take place in November, just a few weeks before the victory of the disease.

A photo of Shiloh.
A photo of Shiloh. © BFM TV

Shiloh victim of “moral, physical and psychological abuse”

Diane ends by telling BFMTV what she expects from the lawsuits she and her husband are about to initiate: “I really want all these people to be tried and convicted, individually, for their behavior towards Shiloh. Shiloh suffered the contempt, moral, physical and psychological abuse”.

On the side of the doctors, we cling to his good faith. Thus, according to the Gustave-Roussy Institute in Villejuif, in Val-de-Marne, six cases similar to that of Shiloh have been detected in 40 years, and all of them concerned adults.

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