Shortage of toilet paper. Soon all at the end of the roller! Stock up! – Insolentiae


Shortage of toilet paper.  Soon all at the end of the roller!  Stock up!  – Insolentiae
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In Germany, one of the country’s most famous toilet paper manufacturers, Hakle, has gone out of business. A product that had already become rare during the health crisis, “klopapier” is now suffering the consequences of rising gas and transport prices.

“Stunned by the costs of gas and transport, a first manufacturer has just filed for bankruptcy. And not least: Hakle. It is the most resounding bankruptcy since the beginning of the crisis. Everyone knows this brand: “It’s a shock for me! It’s the toilet paper that my grandmother already used,” says Yvonne, a customer at a supermarket in central Berlin.

This almost century-old company, born in 1928 in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, has not resisted the rise in energy prices. However, she was in relatively good health. Hakle had generated 650,000 euros in profits in 2020 for a turnover of 80 million”.

And yes, the problem is that making toilet paper does not bring in much, it must be said that if toilet paper is a basic necessity, no one wants to spend too much money for their august posterior.

Logically it’s a low-margin business and when problems arise it’s fast… crap.

Germany under Merkel had chosen gas as a transition energy, unlike nuclear power, and had also pushed France to close its power stations so that our country did not have a competitive advantage likely to attract energy-intensive industries.

As a result, manufacturers have invested gigantic sums for new gas installations and it is “to take over the old coal-fired boilers. Manufacturers are therefore trapped by the cheap gas strategy,” explains the spokesperson, who also points to the increase in the price of transport: “Toilet paper is very bulky and the costs are therefore enormous. We carry wind, so to speak.”

You can therefore store everything that is paper-based, starting with toilet paper, which is probably the least profitable product to manufacture and which therefore will simply no longer be manufactured unless the State ends up doing what is no longer profitable.

And this is how we move from an efficient economy to an economy of scarcity.

Brilliant result of the Brussels technocrats who certainly had in their hands one of the richest areas in the world, rich in knowledge, knowledge, skills, cultures.

They destroy everything.

It’s starting to show.

Europe became the USSR.

Charles SANNAT

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