Skate 4: mass leaks after the first phases of testing!


Skate 4: mass leaks after the first phases of testing!
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Game News Skate 4: mass leaks after the first phases of testing!

The Skate license is about to make a comeback soon with the release of the fourth opus. A return eagerly awaited by trick fans but which is still struggling to show itself, at least until now. EA and Full Circle recently opened a test phase to the public to improve the development of their game. It didn’t take long before the new features of this software were shared on the web.

Leaks galore

We are starting to know a little more about the new opus of the Skate license. Still scheduled for an undetermined date, Full Circle and EA’s software recently entered the test phase for which it was possible to apply. An application requiring the utmost discretion, a principle that has not been respected at all by the players since many details have just been revealed!

So today we are full of information about this new game. The community should be able to expect good things with Skate 4 since the software would run under Frostbite Enginethe engine developed by DICE originally dedicated to Battlefield.

On the gameplay side, Full Circle would abandon difficulty levels in favor of different styles of play (classic, simplified and experienced). Many well-known tricks from the license would be back, as well as new opportunities to show the full extent of his talent. The first leaks insist on the “faster” aspect than before, but apart from this question of speed, the feedback speaks of a gameplay that is still realistic and faithful to the original experience.

Finally, we also learn the name of the map of this test, soberly titled “Fun City”. This map would only be a portion of the final map, and would contain both several new places but also places from previous games. For the moment, many spots do not yet have a texture, proof that the game should still spend a little time in development. The map of the test phases has also leaked on the web.

Emphasis on community experience

What stands out more from this first test session is the community aspect of this new game. Full Circle would like to emphasize sharing and group sessions, with servers accommodating at least 60 players. The various performances of the riders would be displayed in real time, and giant screens would continuously broadcast the craziest tricks performed by the community. In fact, each player will be able to indulge in the production of videos for which it will be possible to vote so that they are shared on the various servers.

In order to be able to assert his style with other skaters, customization should make a comeback with a whole bunch of cosmetics available for his avatar. Licensed clothing will be making a comeback. ”’To unlock the different cosmetics, you will have to pass several levels. These levels will also unlock customization items for his personal space.

Because yes, another novelty is the presence of a kind of personal skate park, fully customizable which will allow players to train alone, or with others. Upgrades and various skate park constructions will be scattered across the map through unlockable and findable schematics.

And if not, what about the release date? For the moment, nothing new on this subject, but the leaks may provide the first elements of an answer. Players have thus found cosmetics dedicated to Halloween. We are therefore thinking of a release for this period, but we are betting more on the year 2023 in view of the supposed state of progress of the game.

Skate 4: mass leaks after the first phases of testing!

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