Smart #1: our discovery of the small electric SUV in Paris


Smart #1: our discovery of the small electric SUV in Paris
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After Munich and Beijing, Smart #1 is coming to Paris! The one that we discovered in the concept state therefore goes to the production stage after a few adjustments. It was in the heart of the capital that we had the opportunity to discover the brand’s first electric SUV. So, how is Smart’s revival shaping up?

Yes, the brand officially unveiled (the?) Smart #1 -pronounced hashtag one- in Beijing on April 21st. On our side, we had to wait until May to approach the electric SUV in peace. Unprecedented platform, high-tech atmosphere, more generous format, exclusive details: here is the launch model Smart #1 Launch Edition.

The Smart #1 in terms of looks: a little family resemblance

As you probably know, Smart hasn’t been in its best shape in recent years. With its very first small electric SUV, Smart intends to boost sales, while carrying out a radical transformation. The small formats so characteristic of the brand, it’s over! Witness this Smart #1, 4.27 m long, 1.82 m wide and 1.63 m high. The compact SUV has dimensions very close to the MINI Countryman. The design is very close to the Munich concept, with its urban and premium look. Costs and approvals oblige, only a few details evolve without distorting the concept. Exit the antagonistic doors and the front lighting with finesse. The front lights are indeed a little thicker and the bumper has openings on the sides.

The #1 goes upmarket, with its subtly rounded shapes and glazed surfaces that make up the whole of the vehicle. Topped with a “floating” pavilion with panoramic roof, the SUV retains its flush handles and 19-inch rims. Electric platform and cantilever contribute to give a rewarding look to the vehicle. At the rear, the light signature is reminiscent of recent electric models from Mercedes. A little family resemblance rather chic and successful for our taste. Finally, the Launch Edition launch model is limited to 1,000 copies, including 100 for France. It is distinguished by its unique two-tone white and champagne/gold color and its matching side sills. Checkerboard inserts for the rims and “Launch Edition” badge on the side skirts are also present. Special mention to the frameless doors, for an appreciable premium coupé effect.

Inside: techno and playful atmosphere

On board, the Smart #1 is high-tech, but accessible and warm. More “cute” than “geek”, the SUV welcomes us in a bright and colorful interior. Instrumentation and multimedia are based on a 9.2-inch handset and a 12.8-inch touch interface. Different settings can be associated with a profile, with an avatar for a fun experience. Note: the multimedia system was 100% developed for SUV #1, and has nothing to do with Mercedes’ MBUX system. Fans will appreciate the satin finishes and customizable 64-color RGB lighting from the air vents to the center console. This connects the armrest and the dashboard like a bridge and offers a nice storage space underneath. Perfect for a large handbag, for example. Ergonomics benefit from a comfortable steering wheel with thumb rests, and controls that are just as comfortable to use.

Beats takes care of the audio part, which suggests a punchy and bass-rich musical experience. On the other hand, we were not able to browse the entire interface, the software not being quite finalized yet. The seats of the Smart #1 seem to offer good support at the front, but this remains to be verified while driving. The rear seats are generous, thanks to the flat floor and the height under the roof. The rear bench seat slides over 13 cm, for a boot volume ranging from 323 to 411 l. Added to this is a small space of 15 l at the front, under the hood. The Smart #1 therefore promises to be rather roomy and practical overall, given its format. All with impeccable finishes and assemblies. Not to mention the checkerboards on the panoramic roof and upholstery, as well as the “1 of 1000” plate of this Launch Edition.

Smart #1

Smart #1: up to 440 km range

The electric SUV signed Smart is based on a rear engine of 200 kW (272 hp) and 343 Nm. A comfortable power and worthy of the positioning of the vehicle. The Smart #1 is powered by a 66 kWh battery, for an indicated range of 420 to 440 km. It can accept charging up to 150 kW and comes with its standard 22 kW charger. For information, Smart announces a recharge from 10 to 80% in 30 minutes. All on the SEA modular platform developed by Geely, which would also host the future Volvo XC20. Finally, this first contact with the Smart #1 is rather promising.

The electric SUV is rewarding (the long wheelbase of 2.75 my contributes!) and nicely equipped as standard, but also and above all very consistent with the concept car. You won’t be disappointed if you were seduced by this one in Munich! The #1 comes in three trim levels: Pro+, Premium, and Launch Edition. Non-Launch Edition models can be customized with different color combinations for the roof and body. Moreover, the second copy presented in Premium finish, is dressed in a green color “Future Green”! On the price side, still no official info, but we estimate the entry ticket at around €35,000.

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