Soon the end of the Nintendo Switch?


Soon the end of the Nintendo Switch?
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Game news Soon the end of the Nintendo Switch?

On the menu of the Daily this January 3, Nintendo is preparing for the after Nintendo Switch, a new record is about to be beaten by Elden Ring and we are talking about the first clues about Avatar 3, 4 and 5. The Daily, here we go.


  • Nintendo: Guess who’s back?
  • Elden Ring, it’s stronger than you
  • There’s no fire in the lake with the Avatar sequels

Nintendo: Guess who’s back?

The Switch Pro has become a joke in the Nintendo fan community. If we go back 10 months, an Nvidia hack even reveals that brand new chips and graphics cards had been developed for the occasion. Nevertheless (sorry to break your dreams), it is possible that this brand new version will never see the light of day. At least, that’s the idea put forward by the media Digital Foundry which predicts outright a whole new generation of Nintendo machine. Their arguments? The failure of the New Nintendo 3DS years ago does not encourage Big N to repeat the experience on the Switch. Then, the year 2023 will mark the end of cross-gen among competitors and should push Nintendo to think about a new bike by 2024, 7 years after the release of the Nintendo Switch.

Elden Ring, it’s stronger than you

With courage and passion, Internet users from all over the world come together and count the number of GOTYs received per outstanding game this year. So, we don’t put much more suspense, it is indeed the last born of the Souls saga who sits on the throne. Eh yes, Elden Ring fucks all its competitors (even Kratos is balled up in a corner). Updated on January 3, the “GOTY hunters” of the dedicated discussion thread on the forum came out and their calculators and the result is amazing. Indeed, Elden Ring has no less than 324 designations as the best game of the year 2022. A figure that makes it the most awarded game in the history of video games, quite simply.

There’s no fire in the lake with the Avatar sequels

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water is smashing everything at the box office. It must be said that if the scenario does not break three legs to a duck, the experience offered by James Cameron is unique. A true cinematographic experience, the film attracts many people in theaters. A success that could lead the Na’Vi to other films. Thus, the director of the saga has already offered some clues about his next baby all blue. In Avatar 3, the story should center around the Ash Tribe. After the forest and the water, we come to the fire. What looks like the recipe for a good Pokémon game wouldoffer a whole new look at the people of Pandora. Indeed, the filmmaker wants to decide with the Manichean side of the first opuses and wishes to reverse the roles by showing the Na’Vi far from the kindness and the initial pacifism that we know them.

  • For more information, the Daily for Tuesday January 3 is available above.

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