Sophie Davant: The end of a beautiful story!


Sophie Davant: The end of a beautiful story!
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It’s no longer a secret. Sophie Davant and William Leymergie live a beautiful love story that we want to register in the long term. Alas, four months after revealing her romance with the 75-year-old journalist and host, the presenter ofDeal concludede on France 2 finds himself having to face a painful breakup.

Alone and so sad in the streets of Deauville…

No more hugs and endless meals where we remade the world like at 20 years old! On October 7, Sophie wandered the streets of Deauville. Dressed in black, she tried to hide her eyes drowned in tears behind tinted glasses.

The passers-by who saw her leaving the Saint-Augustin church looking defeated would have cried for her, as the unfortunate woman was so painful to see.

How he was going to miss this man who adored, among other pleasures of good food, sharing with him his Bordeaux bourgeois vintages or his old Calvados in this lively brasserie where they had their habits! With him, life was a perpetual celebration and a constant delight.

How sad to hear the end of this beautiful story whose most intense moments took place in the romantic setting of Normandy. This Côte Fleurie that the pretty fifties is so fond of and where she owns a house in a village located between Trouville-sur-Mer and Honfleur…

“Wounded Fawn”

What is left for poor Sophie now, apart from countless photos hanging on the wall? Last August, the magazine Paris Match revealed the unexpected idyll between two long-time friends who succumbed to a resounding love at first sight delayed. The ex-accomplices of Telematin on France 2 indeed finally found each other, first in all honor, when William Leymergie had just suddenly lost his wife, Maryline, to a heart attack, in 2020. Then, they gradually got closer , until feelings take over.

In his book Everything that binds us, published last year by Albin Michel, Sophie remembered the first time she crossed paths with William. It was on the set of Telematin in 1989, where she then presented the weather forecast.

A meeting that she described as “the most important of her life”: “William impresses when he decided not to necessarily put you at ease! He took a long time to let his guard down. It was necessary to coax and seduce the injured beast … “, she wrote.

Linked by a very strong friendship, they would never have thought that one day they would fall into each other’s arms! And yet…


But if, last weekend, Sophie seemed so upset in the streets of Deauville, it was not because of William, with whom she would always spin the perfect love. No. That day, she said goodbye, during a very moving funeral, to her great friend, the restaurateur Jacques Aviègne who died at the age of 77.

Nicknamed Miocque, this figure in Deauville life ran the brasserie of the same name, rue Eugène Colas, where he welcomed many stars, whose portraits adorn the walls of this institution today, such as Johnny Hallyday and Sophie Davant, of course, who was also a great regular…

Let’s hope that William has been able to find the right words to comfort his grieving companion…

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