Spasms, fatigue, pain … Suffering from monkeypox, a Parisian testifies to his symptoms

Spasms, fatigue, pain … Suffering from monkeypox, a Parisian testifies to his symptoms
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This 30-year-old felt the first symptoms in mid-May, while traveling in Europe. After doing research, he was certain to be suffering from this disease, of which only 51 cases have been detected for the moment in France. Since the return of his positive tests on Friday, he has been confined to his home.

“It’s not trivial to live”. For the moment in France, according to the latest report published by the health authorities on Friday, 51 confirmed cases of infection with the monkey pox virus have been identified. Damien*, a 35-year-old Parisian artist, is one of his rare cases. In the columns of Parisianhe returns to his contamination and confides in his symptoms.

It was during a trip to Europe in mid-May that the 30-year-old felt intense fatigue. Two days later, a first rash appeared on her lower back. He first thinks of angina, then believes he has caught a new variant of Covid-19. During his research, he learns about monkeypox, which has appeared in several European countries. “I was looking at the symptoms of monkeypox and it’s simple, I checked all the boxes, without exception,” he explains to our colleagues.

“The impression of reliving the first images of the Covid”

While the disease has spread particularly within the gay community, Damien, a homosexual, sees it as “one more clue” and “presumes to have been infected during a report”. On another continent, he decides to return to France, and goes to the Saint-Antoine hospital, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, to be tested. Damien then has the impression of “reliving the first images of the Covid”.

“I went from outside the hospital to an isolated room. The nurses did not come in. Only the heads of department and a doctor came, in full suits,” he recalls. The result fell this Friday: Damien is indeed suffering from this disease which comes from Africa.

Joint pain, loss of appetite, digestive problems…

Now confined to his Parisian apartment, the artist says he feels “great physical but also emotional fatigue”. Her face, her hands, her arms, her feet… her body is dotted with pimples. His private parts are filled with red patches, a “constant” pain. The 30-year-old testifies to a “feeling of internal burning. I have spasms, night sweats”. Added to this are joint pain, loss of appetite, swollen glands, digestive and urinary problems.

People with monkeypox can remain contagious for up to 21 days after being infected. If Damien has passed this stage, he must however wait for his scabs to dry out and fall off, a sign that his body has beaten the virus. “I’m fighting against myself, in a state never known,” he says.

A new updated report from the health authorities is to be published on Tuesday. The previous one, this Wednesday, reported 33 cases.

* Modified first name, chosen by our colleagues.

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