Star Academy: clash between Louis and Paola, the daily recap


STAR ACADEMY. The first tensions appear at the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys in the Star Academy 2022. Louis did not appreciate a reflection from Paola during the singing lesson. Read the daily recap.

The essential

  • A daily news from Star Academy is broadcast this Friday, November 4, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. on TF1. On the menu, the preparation of Saturday’s bonus! And there is a lot to do for all the candidates since many stars are expected on stage. In addition, the two pairs must work hard to try to keep their place on the show.
  • Tensions arose between Louis and Paola yesterday during Adeline Toniutti’s singing lesson. While Paola was reflecting on the type of emotion to offer during Barbara’s song “L’Aigle Noir”, Louis did not appreciate the advice at all, retorting that the young woman does not like it when he smiles during let him sing. The two academicians then explained themselves behind the scenes in the castle, the young man explaining that he does not appreciate receiving this kind of lessons from a student while Paola announced that she would prefer that everyone relax a little.
  • Two pairs are named and risk elimination on Saturday : Carla and Paola (type 1 to 71 500) and Léa-Tiana (type 2 to 71 500). After Ahcène and Cenzo, who will be eliminated this week?


17:01 – Tensions at the castle, what happened yesterday in the daily life of Star Academy?

Yesterday in the daily Star Academy, viewers were able to discover a day under tension at the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys with the nominations which cast a shadow on the board from the morning. First there were lessons: a sports session in pairs with duos attached to each other to bind the candidates even more. Adeline Toniutti has also made the trip to work in pairs with coach Joe. During the singing lesson, we could see Paola make a reflection when Louis was singing, which he took quite badly. The two students had an explanation, both sticking to their positions with a Louis who no longer wants to be lectured and a Paola who would like the other students to stop being sensitive. The academicians have discovered the nominations: Carla and Paola but also Léa and Tiana risk elimination this week. We note that they will not have the same weapons to convince the public on Saturday evening: a table sung and danced for Carla and Paola while Léa and Tiana will have the right to a table like singers with voice. Finally, a battle will oppose all four of them on “My Philosophy” by Amel Bent.

program sheet

The Star Academy is distinguished from other current television programs by its format, mixing weekly bonuses and daily confinement reality TV. The bonus, at the end of which a candidate is eliminated, is broadcast on Saturday evenings on TF1, from October 15 to November 26, 2022, from 9:10 p.m. The “daily”, which allows you to follow the last 24 hours of the candidates (between their lessons, rehearsals and their daily and sentimental life), is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 5.30 p.m. on the first channel. Exclusively for subscribers of MyTF1 Max (paying streaming and replay platform of the front page), it is possible to follow the live stream from the castle, from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday to Friday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to midnight.

The teachers are part of the identity of Star Academy’s castle. They are five to give lessons and advice to candidates: Joël Bouraïma (sports teacher), Laure Balon (stage expression teacher), Yanis Marshall (dance teacher), Adeline Toniutti (singing teacher) and Pierre de Brauer (drama teacher). Michaël Goldman, creator of the My Major Compagny label and son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, inherited the role of director of the château. Lucie Bernardoni from Star Ac’ 4 and Marlène Schaff are the coaches.

Whether it’s the bonuses or the daily ones, the Star Academy is visible in replay. As with its other programs, TF1 puts each new episode online for replay on its free streaming replay platform MyTF1. You just need to have an account, without having to pay, to have access to all the replays but also excerpts. Also remember that for €2.99 per month, it is possible to follow Star Academy 2022 live on MyTF1 Max, from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday to Friday and Sunday from noon to midnight.

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