Star Academy: Jean-Pascal Lacoste talks about his new role and a huge scoop!

Star Academy: Jean-Pascal Lacoste talks about his new role and a huge scoop!
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What a scoop! Since the announcement of the return of the star Academy, the fans are drunk with joy. The spoilers of this old call everything into question!

For or against Star Academy?

That time seemed long without the Star Academy. During the first seasons, we discovered nuggets. We think in particular of Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy or Grégory Lemarchal. In fact, on the occasion of its twentieth candle, a documentary as well as a concert pulverized audience records. Even presenter Nikos Aliagas and producer/director Alexia Laroche-Joubert are hallucinating. Everything suggests that the unbreakable link with viewers has never been broken.

And for good reason, so many stars have agreed to come on the set of the star Academy. Admittedly, behind the scenes, the staff of Madonna or Mariah Carey was not easy to manage. However, once on stage, the magic happens. Very clever whoever was able to shout all the mythical sequences of this show. This is why, knowing that she will soon resume is a happiness at all times.

What would Star Academy be without…

A hallway noise is becoming more and more insistent. Broadcast question, TF1 asks us to wait at least until the next season of The Voice Kids to set everything up. And to welcome the future vintage of star Academy, what better way to bring them together in Dammarie-les-Lys? Just when our team wrote that name, they got chills all over the place. With tears in your eyes, we remind you that until 2008, the old promotions spent all their time there. Between the evaluations, the rehearsals of the bonuses as well as the debriefs, they were never bored!

On the set of TPMP, there is a columnist who knows a little more than the others. Besides, he won’t be able to keep his secrets for long. During the first season of the star Academy, he had messed up the castle. Apart from his lover with the beautiful Jenifer, Jean-Pascal Lacoste had no notion in dance and singing. And yet, since he entertains the gallery, he will be fished out almost every time. Also, when asked what are the ingredients of a remake, he grabs the pole and kicks into touch. ” It is mandatory. It’s necessary. If there is not that, if there is not the castle. Finally, he also insists on the imperative presence of Nikos Aliagas. During the ninth installment, Matthieu Delormeau tried to keep up. Alas, he broke his teeth!

Careful, it swings!

Noting that he is ready to drop scoops, Baba’s friends have a field day. Admittedly, Jean-Pascal Lacoste should not say too much as TF1 closely monitors those it trusts. While laughing, he is evasive about his investment in the star Academy in 2022.” We discuss it. It would be good. It’s off to a good start, nothing is done. But we talked… “The one who sowed chaos and upset the balance of star Academy will put on a funny costume. Do you happen to see it as director, CPE, to advise students”? It’s the world upside down !

Wishing to drown the fish, Jean-Pascal Lacoste bounces back. When he announces that the minute of telephone is planned in the synopsis, flashes invade the head. No need to have access to the unlimited channel to realize how crucial this moment was for the candidates of the star Academy. The lack of relatives and the pressure linked to the filming could have an effect on the morale of the troops. Also, being able to exchange with those around us seems essential to us. But how to summarize his daily life in sixty seconds? Impossible… The rest we will tell you about in the next issue of‘Objeko !

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