Steam Deck: we’ll have to wait… –

Steam Deck: we’ll have to wait… –
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In this little Thursday Daily, we talk about the Summer Game Fest, the postponement of the Steam Deck and we end with some changes at Game Freak. The Daily, let’s go!

What to expect from the Summer Game Fest?

We are slowly arriving at the long-awaited period of conferences. Normally, we would talk about E3, the biggest video game show in the world, but unfortunately, it no longer exists. The Summer Game Fest takes over. It is a gathering of small conferences, without a physical lounge. For this third edition, which is no longer a small improvised show, Geoff Keighley, presenter and organizer of the event, has put the dishes in the big ones. For example, Sony’s State of Play, which takes place this Thursday, June 2, is officially part of the Summer Game Fest device. After this opening, we will have to wait a bit, since the kick-off for the rest of the period is set for June 9, with lots of conferences until June 12. The big absentee this summer remains Ubisoft, which should hold a conference later in the year.

Steam Deck: dock postponed

If you’re watching tech news, you’re probably familiar with the Steam Deck. This portable console, with very good performance, which can also be used as a PC to take anywhere, has challenged the hardware market. However, bad news taints the console’s young career. The dock, allowing the image of the portable console to be broadcast on a screen like the Switch, which we were promised will have to wait a little longer. No date planned for the moment, only a postponement, due to the shortage of parts, and the closure of factories following COVID. Valve promises to let us know soon. In the meantime, the firm continues to work on the improvements of its machine, in particular the noise of the fans, having been regulated as updates are made.

The head changes at Pokémon

Pokémon is one of the strongest and most powerful licenses in the world of video games. As proof, the last trailer had a gigantic echo on the Internet. But this week is not only marked by the arrival of this trailer. It also marks the departure of one of the thinking heads of the game. The original trio of creatives who gave life to the franchise, therefore loses a member, Junichi Masuda. After 23 years of good and loyal service, the developer leaves Game Freak, but rest assured, he is not going very far. He joined The Pokémon Company, the company responsible for the license, by becoming Chief Creative Fellow, a somewhat transverse position, which will give his ideas and his feedback, without actually participating in production. In his official letter, Junichi Masuda congratulates himself on having been director of the Pokémon Ruby Sapphire series until Pokémon X and Y, until heading Pokémon GO with all the success that we know of. He will remain in the eyes of the general public as one of the founders of Game Freak, one of the pillars of the first Pokémon games.

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