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Such a Big Sun November 28, Episode 1025 Summary Spoiler Ahead – What will happen tomorrow evening in your France 2 soap opera “Un si grand soleil”? If you can’t wait to find out more, now is the time. We invite you now to discover what will happen in the episode of Monday, November 28.


Spoiler alert, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

Marion is released from custody, Cross informs her that she is cleared. She is upset and relieved at the same time.

Boris and Laurine are running on the beach. Boris sulks, he is up against his sister who did everything to break up Arthur and Jennifer’s relationship. He reproaches her for playing with people. For his part, Arthur tries desperately to call Jennifer but he gets his voicemail. Arthur confides in Alain, who advises him to apologize directly by going to see her.


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Cross speaks to Becker, he went through the accounts of Cabestan, who made a lot of transfers from his current account to his pro account. And his personal account is only fed by cash deposits… He becomes their number one suspect. For her part, Marion talks to her husband and asks questions about Guilhem. She can’t imagine that Sylvie didn’t tell her about the annulled will. She thinks Guilhem is guilty, Bertier doesn’t believe it.

Laurine meets Arthur, she continues to flirt with him… She tells him that she likes him and that in these cases she goes for it. Arthur dodges and goes to class. At the hospital, David tells Jennifer about a patient who is much better. Jennifer is crying… Alain sees her and comes to hear from her. He tells her he’s there but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Cross receives a call from Johanna, she again offers him a drink. But he still declines and claims a lot of work. When he hangs up, Yann’s colleague explains to him that Guilhem has financial problems at the firm. She thinks it’s a good motive but Cross doesn’t see Guilhem doing that. He thinks he just had to talk to Sylvie about it for her to help him.

Laurine comes to talk to Jennifer and pretends not to understand. Jennifer asks her what she is playing with Arthur… Laurine says it was for fun. Jennifer sends him for a walk.

Johanna speaks to Sabine, she thinks that Yann no longer wants to see her and that he is running away from her. Sabine doesn’t see why but if so, she should move on. But Johanna doesn’t want to give up, she will be patient.

Arthur comes to see Jennifer, he explains that she took him by surprise. She reproaches him for having hidden from her that Laurine is her friend’s sister. He has no explanation, Jennifer thinks he likes her. She leaves, Arthur remains planted without saying anything. He comes home, Elisabeth doesn’t understand that he doesn’t want to eat. Alain explains to him that he is separating from Jennifer, Elisabeth seems to be delighted.

Yann finds his friend, he tells him that he almost spent the evening with Johanna. He likes her but he is investigating his uncle, he is embarrassed…

Becker talks to Cécile about Guilhem’s financial troubles. They think that Guilhem accidentally killed his wife or not. But Cécile tells him about the alibi provided by Elisabeth, Becker does not find her credible since it is her ex. Becker wants to bug Guilhem, Cécile accepts.

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Such a great sun of November 28 extracted, Laurine and Jennifer, it’s war

To see a video clip of this episode, go to here.

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